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Nothing wrong with monthly salary. Success is not about founding a business.

There’s really nothing wrong with monthly salary. Stay focused on what we love and the other side is not wrong from their perspective yeah.

Salary is a bribe to forget our dream(s)?

I read an interesting view point from someone who’s trying to be successful with his tech venture. It goes something along the lines of salary being a bribe to people from finding their real success. Serious, why do we keep looking down on working professionals and always think anyone successful must be a business owner? Happiness can only be found when one is successful with a business venture while all the working people are all suffering but they did not know? Since they were given a ‘bribe’ every month in the form of salary to forget their dream(s)?

nothing wrong with monthly salary
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For every successful business owner…

For every super successful founder of businesses, there are hundreds, thousands and even millions of business owners who have failed or are STILL struggling with their business venture. In fact many who are struggling constantly questioned their own thinking of being successful by ditching their monthly salary a.ak.a as ‘bribe.’ I do think it’s time we realised that ONLY the successful ones would have their stories told to the whole world while the failed ones, they just disappear from the news. This is the world today yeah.

If you are thinking to become a successful business owner

Do not hire people and pay them monthly salary. Make them as partners where the success of the company will also be their drive since it will also be their success too. However if we are a business owner and we try to pay as low salary as possible and yet try to extract more from that staff, then stop thinking that the staffs we have will actually be working super hard so that they could get a monthly salary and we as the founder will become super rich and successful.

The mindset of a business owner of past generations are definitely no longer applicable today. There’s transparency of information and if the people whom you hired are good, they will join a better company in the near future. Period.

If you are still earning a fixed salary

Do note that every year when we get an increment, ask ourselves this important question. “Did I improve my knowledges, skills and attitude within the last 12 months?” If we keep getting higher pay but we continue to provide the SAME input, do note that we will be replaced as soon as the company could find someone who could do the same job for less pay.

Second question. Did I save enough and learn how to invest some part of my salary which would have remained the same but lower value every year since inflation will eat into it? Remember, we can have a salary of RM8,000 (M40, click here to know) and an increment of 10% every year (which does not make sense) but this 10% is just RM800. Compare that to paying instalment for a RM500,000 property (which we stay) which have a price appreciation of 5% per annum. This is RM500,000 x 5% = RM25,000 per year and divided into 12 months = RM2,083 per month.

Hope everyone can see the huge difference. Note: Buying WRONG property is still suicidal and this is the same as a failed business venture. All these may happen to anything and everything we do. It’s all about risk management. Of course, the stock market could even give faster returns with the right counter too. You can do these and more.

Third question. Did you do something good for people you love. Spend time for them and ditch that smartphone for an hour every day? Visit your parents in the hometown (when CMCO ends) Did you contribute positively to the community? Perhaps even give free effective communication lessons without thinking how to profit from it? This third question is true whether we are a business owner or a salaried professional. Did we do good?

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It’s definitely not a bribe. It’s just a different way to become successful

By the way, my friend (who’s a simple lady) earns a pay of less than RM4,000 per month but she owns two properties. (Second one bought after listening to my talk) Even assuming she has just these two until the day she retires and the property price only moves up very, very slowly, she would still be a multi-millionaire just by selling her two properties 20 years later. She does not face that 99% failure rate for most business owners. She can sleep well at night. She just could not go to fancy restaurants every day. Do we consider her successful or a failure since she did not have a dream to become a business owner?


By the way, being passionate is not enough. We need to be logical too and know how to be happy. We live this life but once. If going for a holiday once in a while makes us happy and we could achieve that with a salary, just be happy with it. If we really must start that business venture and become a multi-millionaire or billionaire and then only we will be happy, then go for it. In fact jump in and really strive hard even when the whole world does not believe you.

Everyone is different and there’s no need to keep labelling the other side as not being successful just because they are not doing what you think ought to be done for YOURSELF. There’s nothing wrong with monthly salary. Oh yeah, happiness can also be just playing video games with your kids and watch them beat you. Haha. Cheers.

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