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We will always need a home. It’s just whether we own it or ‘borrowed’ it.

Does everyone need a home?

I still believe everyone should own at least that home which they are staying. At least, when they grow old, they would always have a place to stay. It’s sad to keep paying rental to the owner even when our own income stops. It’s also sad if the owner tells us that they are selling the place we were renting and we have to move. I mean, after staying there for the past 20 years and now we are asked to move away from everything we are so familiar with?

What about a place which was ‘borrowed’ for a very long time and now the owner of the land wanted to do something to it? How much rights do these ‘original’ have over the land which they have been staying? What about the right of the owner of the land? How much should the compensation be? What would be considered a fair deal to both parties? Here’s one such case which was recently reported in the media.

Article in Kampung Pee; is a 60-year old village and recently the owner of the land is asking the residents to move out. The village has 126 families and its village head A.Deva said that the residents want the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) to consider allocating them houses under the People’s Housing Project (PPR). He said, “We appeal to DBKL to help us. We don’t mind being placed in any PPR, either in Bukit Jalil, Jalan Peel or Pudu Ulu.”

The developer had offered the residents RM15,000 to move out. He said, “Most of us are senior citizens. We have been living here for decades, where can we go if no house is provided for us.” Another resident, Lau Wan Ngoh, 88 said, “The house I’m staying is the only house I have. I have been staying here since I was young, all my children grew up in this house, I just don’t know where to go if there is no house provided.” Please do read the article in full here. Article in

Wishing them all the best

I do hope that all these villagers would have a new place to stay in the near future. I will always remember the time when I heard ambulance sirens during my time as a student in Bristol, UK. My housemates told me that usually during winter, a lot of the homeless folks would die because they do not have a home and it’s just too cold. Fortunately for us here in Malaysia we have only summer, summer and summer for every season. However, everyone still needs a place to stay.

Stressed when the home is not certain

Whether it’s because of the income status of even age, I would feel the stress which they will face if they are indeed forced to move without any option. Perhaps in this case, DBKL may have to step in and do something about it. Let’s see what happens next. If there are further reports, will write here too. Final reminder. Please ensure your parents do have a place to stay and please ensure in future you also have a place to stay too.

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