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Press Release: Myra – Taking the Risk for the Future of Property

Press Release: Myra – Taking the Risk for the Future of Property

It’s not a secret that buying a home for the very first time is an anxious and daunting experience as it involves your hard-earned money and savings. After signing off on the papers, it becomes a life-long commitment that leaves us a little tense and breathless. Yet, most property developers are enthusiastic about securing sales rather than providing a positive and nurturing experience for their customers.

While other developers are focused on a safer market audience with higher purchasing power, pioneering developer Myra is making it their mission to provide an easy home buying journey for first-timers and providing a well-informed and smooth purchasing experience. Myra certainly believes that this is a risk worth taking in the organization’s pipeline.

“If every developer wants to play it safe, then who is going to care for the people who truly need it the most?” asks Wendy Lim, General Manager of Sales and Marketing of Myra. “We see Gen X as a generation that is mainly a part of the investor market, causing many other developers to build properties that first-timers are not able to afford.”

Myra’s efforts to make a difference in the industry by educating and building homes that are catered towards first-timers have been fruitful as 65% of their homebuyers are first-timers. She has adopted an unconventional strategy that’s based on trust, reliability, with an experience that’s fun. Although buying a home is a rite of passage into adulthood, learning the ins-and-outs of the process is not the most entertaining of conversations and one that is definitely not spoken of as much as it should be. This explains why so many people encounter hardships while doing it.

For that, Myra has a persona that’s able to dish out property insight and advice in the simplest of terms so that others are able to understand and engage with her as she is someone whom anyone can have a comfortable conversation with.

Myra wants to develop a relationship with her customers and with her visual and verbal direction that’s both casual, conversational, and personal. The choice of color, design, tone, narrative, and style was aimed for Myra to have a balance of being trustworthy and fun while telling relatable homeownership stories that are educational and entertaining.

A prominent aspect of Myra’s branding are the quirky graphics that are sure to catch the audience’s attention and maintain engagement even when unfamiliar facts come their way. With a great mix of an exciting, young, and bold persona, Myra is the go-to resource on all things homeownership. After all, being a property developer that everyone can openly talk to and get advice from is a barrier that Myra wants to overcome. While there are currently no other developers who are using a similar direction, more and more have begun to lean towards educating the public further on things related to homeownership.

“We think that it’s great that other developers are doing so as it is a responsibility our industry has overlooked somewhat in recent times. Public education is meaningful, valuable, and most importantly, helpful. That’s why we are committing to being transparent and educational on every aspect of homeownership as a means to our purpose which is to make it as easy as possible for everyone,” said Wendy Lim. 

With digitization and technology becoming more crucial at the turn of the decade, Myra is aware of its importance in connecting with a highly digital-centric and young audience. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Myra had taken extra steps to further digitize their consultation processes including taking customers through virtual tours of show units, routes, and roads around town. Even the bookings, loan applications, and Sales and Purchase Agreement signing processes can be done online without hassle. 

While smart technology and modern features are attractive to buyers, Myra prioritizes value by giving her buyers features that are more practical. At the end of the day, the needs of the market vary from different individuals and different groups. To provide the perfect balance, Myra focuses on relevance and practicality that’s intended for the market.

“Eventually, adding in features that aren’t practical hurts our home buyers more than anything, especially from a cost and maintenance point of view. That’s why we plan our products with our target market in mind and take these ideas into serious consideration,” she added. 

Myra definitely has big plans to improve their game further by going forward with digital as their primary channel. The advancements made are rooted in practicality, ease of use, and meaningful experiences for their buyers.

To keep up to date with their latest developments, as well as practical tips and advice involving property and finance, you can reach Myra on a WhatsApp link or follow Myra’s profile on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For more information visit

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