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Merdeka 118 is tallest but Petronas Twin Towers also tallest too!

Merdeka 118 is tallest but Petronas Twin Towers also tallest too!

Charles, are you joking? How can both Merdeka 118 and Petronas Twin Towers be tallest in Malaysia? Super brief explanation? Merdeka 118 is the highest tower in Malaysia once it is completed. Petronas Twin Towers is the tallest twin tower building in Malaysia since 1993. So, when any of our foreigner friends ask us, it’s worth explaining both with pride because both are ours too. Please do bring all our foreign friends to visit both as well.

Merdeka 118 will also be a catalyst too

One has been a catalyst to everything around it (nowadays, buying a property with Petronas Twin Towers view carry its own premium!) and the other one would start to become a catalyst to everything surrounding it too. There’s no need to ask too much about whether there’s too many office space.

Just remember, if that new foreign MNC is coming into Malaysia and wishes to stamp their mark, it will be way better to be based in Merdeka 118 versus some not-so-famous office tower… Simple fact. Do not believe me? Continue to have your thinking yeah, I am not changing mine. 😛

Article in Merdeka 118 will be the second tallest tower in the world when it’s completed in 2022. it will stand at nearly 700 metres above sea level. However, the true height will only be revealed when it’s completed. It is 118-floor tower, thus the name.

An aerial shot of the ongoing construction of Merdeka 118.
An aerial shot of the ongoing construction of Merdeka 118. Image source:

For comparison, the world’s tallest buildings like Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE, is the tallest and has a height of 828 metres. Shanghai Tower in China is the current second tallest tower in the world and has a height of 632 metres.

All these records will be broken when the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is completed at a height of 1,008 metres (yes over 1 kilometre!!). Please do read the full article here with a lot more details: Article in

Yes, I do think this is another building which every tourist would want to visit and take photos of

How do we measure all these additional economic activities from people flocking to see the building and later on buying souvenirs from stalls around the structure or in shops nearby? How about the cafes, restaurants and even sellers of other Malaysian delights? My wish is of course for all these to be manned by Malaysians and not foreigners. Let’s keep it to this yeah. If Melaka’s Jonker’s Street could do it, then it can be done for Merdeka 118 too.

Yes, of course if one is buying a property with Merdeka 118 view, it will come with a premium too. No idea which one will have a higher premium, Petronas Twin Towers or Merdeka 118. Happy visiting yeah.

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Header Photo by Max Mishin from Pexels

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