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10 things you should know about My100 and My50. Lower costs = Higher savings.

Some time ago I wrote this. This RM100 is positive for the property market. If we are a Malaysian and we need to manage our travelling expenses, please continue reading and then take appropriate actions. If we chose to continue driving because there’s no MRT / LRT / bus stops nearby our home, it’s time to CHANGE that home too. I wonder if this My100 and My50 will spur property transactions in the future. Read on and happy saving!

#1 – Where to buy?
– all LRT stations 
– all MRT stations 
– all Monorail stations 
– all BRT stations 

– Five bus hubs as listed below: 

1) Pasar Seni 
2) Seksyen 2, Shah Alam 
3) Sri Nilam 
4) Greenwood 
5) Terminal Kajang

#2 – When could I start using them? Ans: You can start using My100 or My50 from 1 January 2019 onwards.

#3 – Will I get a new TouchnGo card or I just need MyKad? Ans: My100 or My50 will be activated on MyKad. If you are an army, it will be activated on your MyTentera.

#4 – How long does it last? Ans: The validity period is 30 consecutive days (including weekends). You can choose to set the first date of your pass during purchase, or you can leave it open, and the first tap at the rail fare gate or bus reader will be the first date of your pass.

#5- Could I use it for Komuter / ERL? Ans: My100 or My50 is only valid for Rapid KL network of rail and bus.

#6 – Could I still enjoy the flat-rate parking rate for Park & Ride facilities in LRT and MRT stations? Ans: Yes, you can still enjoy the flat rate at the LRT and MRT Park n Ride facilities when you take the LRT/ MRT/ Monorail/ BRT. But, you must tap your MyKad or MyTentera that has been activated with My100 or My50 at the Park n Ride entry and use the same MyKad or MyTentera when you ride the train.

#7 – When should I renew the My100 / My50? Ans: You must renew your My100 or My50 seven (7) days before or seven (7) days after its expiry.

#8 – Could I set auto-renewal for My100 or My50? Ans: Auto-renewal feature is activated upon request. Once the auto-renewal feature is activated, your My100 or My50 will be automatically renewed seven (7) days before or seven (7) days after the expiry, as long as you have sufficient amount as per the renewal price in your Touch ‘n Go purse value.

For My100, the amount in the purse value must not be less than RM110, and for My50, the amount must not be less than RM55.The minimum balance of RM5 for usage at rail and bus services, and RM3 for usage at bus must always be maintained.You can only select for auto-renewal only when you have an activation date set for your My100 or My50 during your first purchase.

#9 – How do I check the balance of days on My100 or My50? Ans: The balance of days of your My100 or My50 will be displayed on the screen at the flap gates when you tap out from the station, or on the card reader when you tap out from Rapid KL bus or MRT feeder bus. Alternatively, you can go to any Rapid KL Customer Service Counter to check your balance of days.

#10 – What if I have even more questions? Ans: Click here.

Happy using My100 and My50. I think this is an extremely good initiative by our Transport Minister and let’s push the usage of public transport to a record high in 2019. After all, MRT stands for Malaysians Ride This. LRT? Let’s Ride This lah…

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written on 24 Dec 2018

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