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Luxury car sales? Combined it is still a few thousand units monthly in this small market.

It’s confirmed. 2019 car sales in Malaysia surpassed the 600,000-unit mark and this has beaten every year before that all the way back to 2015 when it was also over 600,000 units. By the way, this was an earlier article on car sales, economy and property. Quite a contrary to what people are thinking yeah. So, what has happened to the economy which has enabled SO MANY people to buy new cars then? Well, 2019 should be just another year of 4.X percent for GDP growth.

Overhang property numbers still going up. Oh dear, perhaps people are buying cars since they could not afford a property then? if this is really the case, I am worried for the future of all these new car buyers yeah. However, my personal thought is this. People buy cars because they already have a stable job and perhaps even a property and that’s why they want to park a new car inside their home. No point in renting a home but parking a nice car in the porch right. Think about it seriously…

Article in In 2019, the national car brands gobbled up lots of market share from the non-national ones. National carmakers Proton and Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sdn Bhd’s (Perodua) 2019 market share stood firm at 56.4% and this is higher than the 48.8% reported in 2018. Non-Malaysian brands lost 112,300 units of what they sold in 2018. Perodua alone sold 240,341 units and Proton sold 100,183 units.

Luxury segment also lost some shine in 2019. Mercedes-Benz Malaysia sold just 10,020 cars versus 13,500 cars the year before. BMW / MINI brands meanwhile sold 10,400 cars in 2019 versus 13,300 vehicles in 2018. Volkswagen sold 5,559 cars versus 7,001 a year earlier while Volvo showed an INCREASE from 1,413 cars in 2018 to sell 1,883 cars in 2019. For even more information on which car brands went up or pushed down, please read Article in

Look closely and we will notice that just adding the numbers of these few luxury brands stated above is already over 2,300 units every month on average. These are not the only luxury brands in the market yeah but the rest of luxury car grouping has a smaller number than these few brands. This over 2.3k number is still a good number and shows that people continue to be able to get car loans approved or even paying cash for them.

By the way, I think there are also many other people who opted for those reconditioned cars from Japan. At least 2 friends opted for those as they say price is a superior option to choose them. Secondly, watch Volvo yeah. Increasing numbers show promise. Volvo should be selling more cars with the XC series… as well as that new S60 sedan. The S60 could achieve the 0-100km mark in just 4.4 seconds. Haha. Yes, I will continue to save my money for one in the future yeah.

By the way, looking at the car sales numbers for 2019 certainly do not reflect what people are telling us; that everyone is doing very badly… Happy understanding.

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