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LRT 3: Bandar Utama to Johan Setia, Klang, updates

LRT3Transit Oriented Development (TOD) is a very popular term these days. Everyone wants to buy as close as possible to some of these stations while developers around these stations would be highlighting this fact continuously as well. Anyway, good news thus far. First, we have good updates about MRT Line 1 which seems to be well on track to start by end of the year and the whole line by June 2017. We also have progress in MRT Line 2 which has also seen progress and should also be on time as this is now the second MRT project and we already have many experienced people in the construction. There’s also the LRT extension which will open next week!! Now, let’s get ourselves updated with LRT 3.
LRT3klangThis new line starts from Bandar Utama to Johan Setia and the total development is 37km long. Take a look at all the stations in the image. The latest one was an adjustment from the original. Instead of cutting through Taman Muhibbah, there would now be a station at Pasar Besar Klang instead. As per Prasarana Malaysia Bhd, it has already completed the pre-qualification process of the RM9 billion and the first set of contracts to be awarded in two to three months time. Currently, what is happening is that land acquisitions have started. The project delivery partner MRCB-GK project said that only the ones that could give assurance of quality and timely delivery within their cost parameters would be chosen. He reiterated, “We will not settle for less.”
I think it’s now clear that growth of Greater Klang and beyond has to be complemented by an integrated public transportation system. The early years were really not good but I do see positive changes these days. The connections are now much better and I think many people have also started realising that buying further may be the only choice and due to this, the public transportation must buck up to support the trend. I also believe with the ever increasing costs, for example, when I came to KL 3 years ago,the parking fee near my office on a daily basis was RM5, then RM5.50, then RM6 and today it’s RM8. Another open area nearby charges RM10! What about the toll rate? Petrol seems to be cheaper than previously but when we add in the jams, actually, it’s a huge bill every month. Thus, I really do look forward to all these new lines and new stations. I hope many would think like me? Haha. Perhaps the jam may be lessened in the near future.
written on 22 June 2016
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