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International airport to cater to 27 million passengers and higher. Wow for ASEAN.

I am pro-ASEAN. I believe we have a lot more to propel all ASEAN members upwards and prosperity can be achieved faster when there are more integration. At the very least, visit each other more often! Just look at the population stats from below. Combined, we are already 650 million strong… Just have 10% of the total population as visitors to one another and that’s 65 million. Now you see why we should actually do more together?

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Today, we focus on our lesser known neighbour, Cambodia. I say lesser known because most of us would have visited Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines… Cambodia will have a new international airport to welcome us soon.

Article in According to Khmer Times, construction of the Phnom Penh International Airport will be divided into three phases and phae 1 will be completed in 2020. YeeCon Long, from Cambodia AirportInvestment said the process of designing the airport was 60 percent complete. Three Chinese companies will be building the new Phnom Penh International Airport. He also shared the airport is expected to be completed by July 2022. He said, “It will operate on a trial basis.

The airport will be able to accommodate 27 million passengers by 2030 and about 30 million by 2050.” The airport will cost US$1.5 billion and be located over 2,600ha in the Kandal province. Khmer Times also said that the Changi Airport Group was engaged as airport consultant to plan and advise on the construction of the terminal, passenger flow to facilitate a unique experience, and placement of duty-free shops. Article in

27 million passengers yeah. This is more than three times the current capacity of Penang International Airport before its newest expansion plans. (Click to Read here to know more) The builders are from China and the airport consultant is from the world’s No.1 International Airport; Changi from Singapore. Beyond just reading this article, start to understand a bit more about Cambodia. Here’s a BUDGET TRAVEL site for tips to Cambodia.

Their currency is the Cambodian Riel (KHR). It’s around RM1 to KHR1,000. The site says average cost per week per traveller is around KHR1,005,712 which is around RM 1,000. Pretty okay as it includes hotel and meals and this is average number which meant you could do it for less if we needed to. We can visit it once before the new international airport and another time when it opens. Happy travelling.

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