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Gamuda Garden’s Illaria Hillside Homes sold out in 2 hours.

Gamuda Garden’s Illaria Hillside Homes had a special public preview on 10th October (Saturday). Illaria Hillside Homes It consists of townhouses and two-storey link homes. Sizes ranged from 18′ x 65′ to 22′ x 70′. Prices… this is within Gamuda Gardens yeah. It starts from RM480,000. How’s the result? One word, positive.

In many conversations, the naysayers continue to insist they will only buy when the market crashes. Here we are, debating those who said the property market is going to collapse and doing our best to provide numbers and analysis. Well, this latest launch (NOT somewhere with a KL address) which has somehow attracted 2,800 registrations.

Illaria Hillside Homes
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Article in The public preview was just a few days before the start of the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO). It was a special 2-hour preview for registrants. Illaria Hillside Homes is located at the peak of Gamuda Gardens and it comprises three-storey townhouses and two-storey link homes with three to four bedrooms. The land areas of Illaria Hillside homes vary from 18′ x 65′ to 22′ x 70′.

Chu Wai Lune, General Manager of Gamuda Gardens said, “Residents at Illaria Hillside Homes can look forward to the scenic view of Gamuda Gardens or spend evenings gazing at the stars from the hilltop viewing platform. At the 3.6ha private park located within the precinct, residents can find an outdoor playground and obstacle course, and a yoga space for residents of all ages.”

Chu added that Illaria Hillside Homes is also all about its community and social spaces. These include a community garden, fruit orchard and a Sakura Lane. Co-living amenities such as a community kitchen, a barbecue area and a hilltop co-working space also make this an enviable address. The development also benefits from its auspicious layout – translating into an abundance of good, positive energy for residents. Do read the full article here which also includes many comments from the buyers too. Article in

By the way, buying a home within Gamuda Gardens are likely to be people looking to become a resident there. If they were buying so that they could rent out the properties in the future, I think there are many more choices nearer to KL city centre yeah. Probably some of them were attracted to the whole Gamuda Gardens because it is designed as a township of 810 acres with many facilities and of course the many cascading waterfall features too.

Well, perhaps the current COVID-19 has also helped many to decide to move a little further away but for a much bigger space and environment. After all, working from home seems to have become a norm these days. If you happened to be one of those who booked a unit, let us know why you booked it yeah. Cheers.

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6 Responses

  1. Hi I’d booked illaria 20x 65 for investment. LH. About 650k nett. Reasons why:
    1. Looking for landed instead of highrise. Figured that nice condos in KV cost about the same ie 600k range. And rental these days are poor 1.8k plus needing to pay for maintenance? A landed should be able to rent about 1.4k (but I would reserve comments for Illaria since it has no amenities at all.

    2. New landed costing 600k only a handful- definitely in the 40km range- elmina, setia ecohill, setia alam, etc, taman sari rawang etc. Everywhere is equally far…

    3. The most beautiful township amongst all and promotes healthy living. Landscape designed by DPC landscape architect. Promises big commercials, mall but will be years ahead.

    4. After saying that, I’m still 2 minds. It’s leasehold and the price is high in Kundang.

    5. Investment seems a little crazy as there may be nobody renting at VP. Want your views on the appreciation aspect.

    6. There are some freehold launches surrounding Gamuda Gardens, obviously leveraging on its facilities. These are just residential without lifestyle but they are very affordable, about 400k. Would these be more suitable for investment? At such prices there’s room for appreciation vs GG.

    Really appreciate your views. Your views will dictate my affirmation or cancellation of my booking, which by the latest Court of appeals decision, is illegal. Thanks!

    1. Edward, thanks for reading. I think Illaria is a very good place for a family. The environment should be quite good as it is within Gamuda Gardens. Comparison between a landed and high-rise is really not straight forward and I think it’s not a fair comparison depending on what you actually intend to do with the property. Rental is poor because home prices went up very fast during a few years. So, it will be some time before rental catches up as long as property prices do not increase very fast again. 2) Yes, these days, if we are talking about a totally new township, it will be within the range of 35 – 45km onwards from KL city centre. There are definitely differences between the townships too, some are targeted at higher end while some are more middle range. 3) yes, Gamuda Gardens is still going to continue to be built until 2030 probably. Please ask them for actual details. 4) Leasehold is a decision you will need to decide. For me, I do not mind because leasehold properties are usually lower than freehold if they are in the same area. Within Kundang, there are a few other developments too. However, their target market may be different. 5) Nobody renting after VP is true for many projects these days. If you want to ensure rental, look for rental units nearby the area to gauge first. 6) Residential without lifestyle may be good for rental but because Rawang is not that nearby to KL, your target tenant is unlikely to be someone working in KL. Basically, for investment, the decision has to depend on continuous rental income or maybe homestay kind of rental income or maybe sub-let kind of rental income and buy for own stay and rent out some rooms. Once we have decided it is continuous rental income, then we also need to decide if it’s for student or for office people or for family or even for temporary purpose. You will also need to decide non-furnished, partially furnished, fully furnished and even tastefully designed. Rental will range widely depending on what you want. Your renovation expenses too. If it’s home stay, then you will need to know who’s your target too, local tourist couples, families on vacation, budget travellers etc. There are a lot more readings to be done and decisions just for rental income alone. As for capital appreciation, then use a comparison with all similar properties as a benchmark. If the price you pay is above everyone else, then you will need to wait for all the cheaper ones to move up to push up your price higher too. Happy investing.

      1. Thanks Charles. Your points are very helpful indeed and has made me think of the many considerations of property investment. This is harder than stocks!

        Based on my analysis with the help of your points, I’ve concluded:
        1. GG is great for living..
        2. GG will be very challenging to rent as the target tenant is very limited- there are no companies in the vicinity and no reason for klites/selangorians to rent.
        3. Freeholds adjacent to GG- the above factors will similarly apply and even more so (as people may be more keen to rent GG for its lifestyle).
        4. If I buy such freehold property (400k vs 650k), the reason I’m buying it is solely because I am hoping for GG to develop in the next 2 to 5 years and this property will appreciate (1. People may like it to leverage on the beautiful park and future amenities in GG) 2. Freehold landed still retains appeal. However, I would need to be prepared for tenant free for the next 3 to even 5 years.

        Thanks again for your wisdom, shared ever so freely, which propelled me to analyse this in depth, without which I will just base my analysis on the beauty of the place and think, surely if I am attracted by it, so will others. Lazy and amateurish, no doubt. Appreciate a knock if I’ve missed anything. Thanks again and stay safe.

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