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If the COVID-19 vaccine is found, do you know what does it mean?

This message came into my FB yesterday evening. “Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker by New York Times.” What it says is that 2 Vaccines are in Phase 3. This is that stage before approval for final use. This also assumes that Phase 3 was successful yeah.” I was like WOW. This is a good update and if all the vaccines are really as per what was depicted, I think a vaccine is likely to be found this year. Before we now jump for joy, please read on.

PRODUCTION take time as well. Please understand that after approval, then it has to go into production and this is not like approved today and produced tomorrow and ship out the day after… Production will take some time, yields have to be monitored, tests have to be conducted to see if the produced vaccines have the same effects as the approved vaccines. We do not even know if the production plant is in the same country… Then, the logistics comes in.

LOGISTICS is the next stage. Depending on how sensitive the vaccines are to temperature etc, the packaging would be important because the vaccines are supposed to be ship to countries in the world and not all are within an hour or two from the production plant. Anyway, just wanted to let everyone understand that vaccines found today does not mean we suddenly could have it the next weekend… Now, let’s look at that great news by New York Times. Click here to go and read their full article okay. Good progress.

STILL positive even if not immediate. Okay, now that we know that it’s not going to be immediate, what else do we know? Well, we now know that the current COVID-19 issue really do have an upcoming solution which will make us think of COVID-19 like the flu in the near future. Do we hide ourselves at home during flu season? Answer is no. Reason is because there’s an available flu jab. (Which a lot of people never got the jabs because it costs money and that they think the chances to get that flu is low).

Normalisation happens. We also know that the reason why all businesses have to shut has a new reason to stay open soon because COVID-19 would have its vaccine soon. In other words, those people who got unemployed should get back their jobs. The industries affected by COVID-19 will mot probably be able to operate as normal again. Not immediate okay. However, in the near future it will really be back to normal. By the way, for those staffs who are currently working from home and has an office to go back to, I think majority would have to go back to the office yeah. Happy understanding.

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