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High Speed Rail without Singapore? Alarming.

This is a big unconfirmed news. High Speed Rail without Singapore? It’s reported in many major medias yesterday and today and I do think we should have more confirmation soon. I am a firm supporter of HSR KL – SG because the BUSIEST international flight route in the WORLD is KL – SG. Total flights are more than 30,000 per year. This means on a daily basis, 82 flights just between KL and SG. Even assuming every flight is just 150 pax this is 12,300 per day. Get the idea? There’s no need to even start calculating how much they will spend here and there.

As for other busy international routes, Click to see the others. Now imagine if we are also connected by rail. This will open up both KL and SG to even more travels especially for people who do not want to drive to Singapore and hates arriving 2 hours before the flight because this is an international flight.

high speed rail without singapore

Anyway, the news from as follow: Singapore’s transport ministry says Malaysia has proposed changes to the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail (HSR). The spokesperson said, “Singapore continues to believe that the HSR project is beneficial for both countries, and remains fully committed to fulfilling our obligations under the HSR bilateral agreement. We will make our best efforts to conclude discussions with Malaysia by Dec 31, 2020.”

The spokesman added that if Malaysia does not proceed with the project by Dec 31, the country will have to bear costs incurred by Singapore to fulfill its part of the agreement. As per the article, the sources said the new plan was for the line to end in Johor Bahru instead of Singapore and that Putrajaya have informed its Singapore counterpart on the matter. Please do read the article in full here:

I guess just have to wait until the formal announcement. However, if it stops in JB, then logistically it will already be a disadvantage for any traveller intending to go to Singapore. It will be an additional time for them to move from the HSR to the RTS for example plus the fact that this no longer allows for tourists because what happens to all their luggages? Travelling in the RTS with all the luggages? Erm… Waiting for more confirmation…

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