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Gamuda Quayside mall opens. My visit report here.

Gamuda Quayside mall opens. What? Another mall? There are already too many malls already. Stop building more malls. Well, perhaps you tell that to the buyers who are always attracted if the new township happens to come with a community mall. Where most of the things they need could be just a few minutes away. Some may need just a 5 minute stroll. Not many of us would want to drive 10 minutes just to buy a bubble tea from within a mall.

As for a bubble tea stall in the middle of the road, it does not work too. So, the bubble tea stall needs to be within a mall and the mall needs to have more than the bubble tea. That’s why another mall opens. The photos would be from my visit today to Gamuda Quayside mall. There are many flamingoes inside and outside Gamuda Quayside mall.

Gamuda Quayside Mall
If they call it Flamingo mall, I think the name’s okay too. Flamingoes are everywhere within the mall and outside the mall
Gamuda Quayside mall
This is the top level. High ceilings are good but the stops are still in progress to open.
Gamuda Quayside mall
Walking outside is comfortable enough even if without aircon. There are some restaurants open too.
Gamuda Quayside mall
Supermarkets are always needed. Here they have Jaya Grocer in Gamuda Quayside mall
Gamuda Quayside mall
Yes, this greets you outside the mall or you can say this may be the reason to drop by the mall in future
Gamuda Quayside mall
Not sure about your kids but my kids love this KIDS TOILET. Nope it’s not built within the gents / ladies. It’s their own.
Fancy for some fried chicken from Lim? March 2021.
Fitness centre in Q2 2021.

Were there a lot of people?

Compared to many smaller malls I have visited lately, today is definitely considered ‘many people’ but this is also because there are a lot of promotions by the developer, this is also the first day, they have invited many of their buyers to come visiting because there are free gifts and more. I thoroughly enjoyed the choco coated ice-cream which one gets if you were to LIKE their page and share it out. (NOTE: Celcom and U-Mobile does not have signal at the entrance area of Jaya Grocer.)

Would this Gamuda Quayside mall thrive?

For the sake of everyone staying nearby, yeah I hope so. This is so that you could have a mall which you could bring your guests, you could bring your kids, you could have a place to cool down after your jog around the lake and more. Would I be dropping by again? Not tomorrow or next week, definitely. Perhaps if there are events which I am interested in and it’s happening there, then yes. So, for all of you who are staying nearby, drop by and give it a support yeah. it’s your community mall.

Would malls be needed?

If the mall is anywhere nearby any established malls, it will be tough to survive. Fact of life yeah. However, if the mall has enough of everything which the community nearby needs, yeah, I would love to have one which I could drop by anytime. I did not buy anything today because I was also rushing to go home and be ready for my talk in PropertyQueen. (click here to view the video). Oh yeah, they also have the typical Starbucks… Skechers… Good2U… and more. Happy visiting yeah.

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