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Experts said, ‘affordable properties’ NO MORE (nonsense)

selangorThis article was written one year ago but affordable units are still available even today. To show this, the article has an update on 16 Dec 2015. Do refer to the image for some latest affordable secondary choices in many areas in Selangor. Do refer below for some choices from property You can also search in many other major property portals for even more choices. Read on to understand my personal views.
Every few days, I read a few more news about experts saying that properties are becoming so unaffordable that no one will be able to own properties. This article is aimed at EXPERTS who does not provide any answers or help to fellow middle income Malaysians and kept fanning the price appreciation of ever higher properties by saying properties are getting too expensive etc etc etc. I have read many EXPERT views about how middle class Malaysians could not afford a property here in Klang Valley. To these EXPERTS, can you stop trying to sound as if every single property out there is so expensive and that no one can ever afford one? Seriously, if you are an expert, did you not surf online in any of the property portals or at least read some newspapers about the fact that for secondary market, there are still HUGE numbers of available properties even below RM500,000? or even RM400,000 or lower? My colleague even bought a condo for only RM250,000 few months ago!
affordableIf you are an EXPERT, please tell these middle income people objectively that they should try secondary market. There are still choices. Why kept on complaining but refuse to make a decision objectively? Do your study, tell them where they can find these properties. HELP THEM. Not be an armchair critic and simply say, middle income people can never ever afford a property in Klang Valley. If this is true, do you know how many people are now sleeping along the corridors of offices and on the streets? Why must every middle income Malaysians be staying in Mont Kiara or Desa Park City? They can’t stay in slightly further or lesser known areas?
Sometimes, I just feel that even these middle income Malaysians are just so choosy. Do you know that in some countries, you cannot even choose because there’s just NO SUCH properties available? My wife and I bought our first apartment in Penang ISLAND after working for 5 years. It was RM123,000 then. Today, the same apartment, after 10 years is only RM250,000. Yes, it is 700sf but if we could stay there for 4 years, together with my brother and my sister, what makes the current generation so different from us? Yes, it is true, these 700sf apartments are nowhere near the high class luxury projects but that is just fact of life. Work harder, upgrade later. Keep on listening to these EXPERTS meant that everyone loses out on even the slow appreciation of these smaller secondary properties and in the end, do you think the experts would suffer? Of course not, they would still be okay.
Dear experts, if you truthfully want to help, help to spread the news about these cheaper secondary properties. Even these would still increase in price every year and if a RM200,000 property increases only 1% per year, that’s already RM2,000 per year. Even managers do not have such RM2,000 increment every year! Go online, surf for it, view and then decide. If you really must buy newspapers, then go buy newspaper, it’s just RM1.50, search, call, view, ACCEPT and buy. Besides that, kindly register for all the affordable housing schemes on offer from the federal and state governments.
written on 11 June 2014
Next suggested article: RM250,001 – RM500,000 may be 40% in 2014, I think.

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  1. Hi Chialih,
    It is totally agree with you, nowadays, there are experts out there giving a lot of comments through a free seminar or property fair, in fact, let me put it this way, basically, these experts are mainly salary based employee who work for a company, what do you think and what are the agenda should they prioritized from their standpoint. in my view, they will always sing the same song, their objective is to spread the news as hot as possible to stimulate by creating the sentiment for the property market, so that, these market will revive and to create transaction solely profit from commercial standpoint.
    In this world, there is no sure win deal, if there is an expert tells you, if you buy this and that property, sure you will gain, I think it is better to think twice before action. don’t simply invest to anything that you do not know anything but just based on listening. : )

  2. Well said. ‘Yes, it is true, these 700sf apartments are nowhere near the high class luxury projects but that is just fact of life. Work harder, upgrade later. ‘
    Sounds cruel but it is so true. When you couldn’t change the fact (of the property price), change yourself. Adapt to what you can afford, or work hard towards what you want.
    That’s what we called as life.

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