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Happiest place on earth (Disneyland France) is now silent

Disneyland says that they are ‘the happiest place on earth.’ I have only been to one Disneyland thus far. It is Disneyland France. I could still remember that boat ride where we went around the world and the song ‘It’s a Small World After All.’ was played. Plus that unforgettable roller-coaster ride which I dread until today. At least I opened my eyes wide while my wife closed her eyes. She was the one who ‘forced’ (I meant, encouraged) me to go for the ride with her. Else, she would have to sit with a stranger. Argh….

This youtube video was not done by me but shows you what I went through yeah. Just feel happy, okay. It’s Disneyland after all.

Latest news about Disneyland France. It’s not doing well. Anyway, I do think all theme parks would be struggling currently. Article in Disneyland theme park in Paris is now closed until at least mid-February because of France’s COVID-19 restrictions. Owner of four restaurants near the theme park, Tomica Vajic said, “As long as Disney doesn’t open up again, as long as there are no tourists, there’s no point crying victory even if we were able to open tomorrow.”

Val d’Europe is a group of small towns around the Disney site and it is home to about 50,000 people. There are several shopping centres too. According to authorities, including the malls, Val d’Europe and Disneyland, the number of tourists visiting it every year is higher than Louvre Museum and Eiffel Tower added together. The visitors to the theme park has dropped to about 5,000 on summer days versus 60,000 during peaks. Do read the article here: Article in

Will it be back to normal?

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Perhaps I ask all of us a question. Would we stop visiting Disneyland when COVID-19 pandemic has passed? No. Would there be a new theme park which will get all the visitors from Disneyland and it could open immediately after the COVID-19 has passed? No. Would we prefer to continue staying at home and visiting places by looking at videos versus going to the actual theme park? No. I think the answer is quite clear. As long as Disneyland is reopening after the pandemic, visitors are going to continue visiting.

How till it affect the property market nearby Disneyland?

Imagine no tourists. It meant no one’s coming. If no one’s coming, then no one’s staying. In other words, there’s no need for accommodation and all these operators are surely in the red because there are still fixed costs to be paid. If they wanted to sell those properties, then they would have to find buyers who could hold or are buying to use it for other purpose. No one thinking of turning into an accommodation immediately would choose to buy at this moment


Happy understanding this little fact about all these tourism related businesses yeah. Not just in Disneyland Paris but everywhere all over the world where COVID-19 are currently wreaking havoc. Perhaps the only important thing now is how to survive long enough so that they can continue to gain business when times are back to normal. When I could, I definitely would continue visiting and helping in its recovery.

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