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Like them but could not afford them? Buy shares lo

I have many friends who love Eco World, as a brand. Only a few has bought their properties. Probably not the time yet, no suitable ones or some other personal reasons. Anyway, I think they (Eco World) are one of the most prominent developer today and as long as they continue to develop whatever they planned, they should do very well. In fact, for the past 1 year, their sales held up well and Eco World is looking to up the ante for FY 2016. Read here: Eco World: Has hit RM3bil target, aiming at RM4 bill for 2016 As usual, if we like a certain brand but you could not afford it, what could we do? In this case for Eco World, there’s now the possibility to buy shares from Eco World International Bhd (EWI) which is aiming to get listed by mid-2016.
Reported in NST, Eco World International Bhd (EWI) has obtained the Securities Commission’s nod for its proposed listing. The listing will involve an initial public offering of up to 2.15 billion new shares representing up to 89.7 per cent of EWI’s enlarged issued and paid-up share capital. There would also be a total of 960 million bonus issue of free warrants in EWI (“Warrants”) on the basis of two warrants for every five shares held after the IPO. EWI’s executive vice chairman Tan Sri Liew Kee Sin said, “The approval is a significant milestone in EWI’s journey to become a listed entity.”
With this listing, EWI would have more funds to grow its business internationally and take advantage of any new development opportunities. Yes, funds are needed for faster expansion even if the company may have capable top management team. It currently has projects in London, United Kingdom and Parramatta (West Sydney), Australia. Thus far, these projects have a cumulative sales of 712.5 million pound (RM3.953 billion) as at January 31 2016.
I do not believe I would be buying their properties anytime soon as my funds are very limited. However, I think I may still have a little left for some stocks, as long as the share price has not appreciated way too much simply because of the ‘brand.’ Oh yeah, read a bit about buying stocks here: Good notes for stock investing from an investment guru Yes, as a Malaysian I am proud to be a small participant via shares in a Malaysian developer which is active in the developed property markets of the world. Happy waiting.
written on 7 Apr 2016
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