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Yes, compound them (unvaccinated) without further warning as a deterrent, please. Thank you.


Yes, compound them (unvaccinated) without further warning as a deterrent, please. Thank you.

If a person is NOT yet fully vaccinated or NOT vaccinated at all, this person is NOT allowed to travel inter-state. This is as per announcement by Bukit Aman here: “The police have announced that they will be issuing compounds to unvaccinated individuals caught travelling interstateRead here for the news article.

The reason is a simple one. The chance for this person to be infected is much higher than the fully vaccinated ones (5 TIMES higher, that’s 500% by the way) and the unvaccinated is also 29 TIMES. (no typo, it’s 29 times!!) more likely to be hospitalised. Refer to actual study by USA’s Centers of Disease and Prevention Control (CDC). No, this is not some small study from a small and less powerful nation.

By the way, if this person is much easier to be infected, it will be easier for them to infect others in other states and this is NOT a good news to have. Plus they are 29 times more likely to be hospitalised, so I really do not wish them to be infected and face the chance to be hospitalised. This is the latest study, latest article. Please read at

Just stay home, that’s safer for the person and everyone else. Inter-state travel is a no-no, definitely.

Article in Bukit Aman Internal Security and Public Order Department director CP Datuk Hazani Ghazali said, that they will be issuing compounds to unvaccinated individuals caught travelling interstate. He said, “Surprise inspections will be done from time to time to ensure that individuals without vaccines do not take the opportunity to return to their hometowns.”

He added, “The government has already stated that those who want to travel interstate would need to complete their vaccination so they should abide by that.”

He said, “The matter of SOP compliance has been reminded since last year. There are times we have to be stern. This time, we will continue to immediately compound those who travel interstate without having completed their vaccination with no prior warning.” Please do read here for the details of what he warned. Article in

Better not try yeah, stay home and watch dramas maybe

No one is forcing anyone to be vaccinated. The unvaccinated should therefore also not force the vaccinated to dine at the same place with them, shop at the same place with them or even stay at the same hotel as them for vacations. No one is forcing the teachers to be vaccinated too.

Just need to change profession because I am NOT going to allow unvaccinated teachers to teach my children who do not qualify yet to be vaccinated and is thus in danger when taught by all these higher chance to be infected and higher chance to be hospitalised unvaccinated teachers.

Happy travelling everyone and stay safe plus follow SOPs. Covid-19 is still among us. Thank you.

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