Bulk Buy? Four is Maximum.

Few days ago, another new measure which is supposed to help in controlling speculation was announced. According to the report in The Star, this will help to stop ‘property clubs’ from walking away with handsome profits, especially in the Klang Valley. Datuk Rahman Dahlan who is the Minister of Urban Wellbeing, Hou­sing and Local Government announced … Read moreBulk Buy? Four is Maximum.


PR1MA Homes – Own one

Many have been saying that the property prices are no longer affordable. Actually, my view remain the same, I do not agree. This is because there are still choices but people only want to consider where they want to buy. If I want Cheras, I only want Cheras. I will not look at Kepong or … Read morePR1MA Homes – Own one

My story featured in Ivory Living

First announcement is that my story was featured in Ivory Living. It tells about my love story where my wife and I did not start on a good note. However, I had no choice because she would not let me go. Ok, ok, it was more like the other way round. We have been married … Read moreMy story featured in Ivory Living

Without freebies, should you buy property?

Someone showed me a SMS about a property developer offering any introducer a fee of 0.4% if the deal goes through successfully. Another advertisement stated that special ‘Angpow’ package for all buyers worth RM28,888. During the CNY holidays, there were so many open houses, all offering food, drinks, gifts and lucky draws. So many freebies … Read moreWithout freebies, should you buy property?

Buying HAUNTED properties?

I wrote about buying properties near cemeteries before and I explained that I have made that decision before and have gained from it. How about buying haunted properties? This one, I have not tried before. Searching online, for Malaysia I could not find any of such advertisements in both property or However, such … Read moreBuying HAUNTED properties?

Buying property – stamp duty and more

Besides the usual 10% downpayment and the lawyer’s fee, every new buyer must also be aware of all the other additional fees and charges. Stamp duty is how the government taxes you for your property purchase. Typically, stamp duty would be based on the following: 1% for the first RM100,000, 2% for next RM400,000 and … Read moreBuying property – stamp duty and more

120% bank loan possible?

When I was driving home from Sitiawan to Ipoh home today, I saw a huge banner for a new development project saying that a 120% loan from the bank can be arranged. I believe banks no longer give more than 90% and it is even based on your net income. In fact for commercial, typically … Read more120% bank loan possible?

Buying property – Lawyers fee

Besides the 10% downpayment, what else do you need to prepare when you are buying a property? Actually, there’s another component which is quite a lot of money. Yes, it’s the lawyer’s fee. In fact, this can be quite a huge amount depending on the price of the property that you are buying. In fact, … Read moreBuying property – Lawyers fee

How to spot property bubble?

There are way too many articles about property bubbles. Your friends who has yet to buy a property has been talking about it for years. Your friend who buys many properties tells you that property bubble is impossible to happen in these few years. So, do you want to know how to spot a bubble? … Read moreHow to spot property bubble?

Property buying – objectivity matters

A friend told me that she could not rent out her flat. She said she bought the flat long time ago and until now still not rented out. On and off she would bring potential tenants but none of them wanted to rent. I asked her a few questions and she told me this, ‘everytime … Read moreProperty buying – objectivity matters

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