More ‘freedom,’ less money is okay, true?

I was listening to my favourite radio station Melody FM (Cantonese) and an interesting topic came up. Citing a recent study, the deejay said that both Gen-Xers and Gen-Yers prefer to have more freedom and is willing to take a lower pay to enjoy this ‘freedom.’ In fact it was surprising because she had expected … Read moreMore ‘freedom,’ less money is okay, true?


Higher plot ratio better, right?

We have known of the crazy land prices in certain hotspots near KLCC. It can be as high as RM3,500psf and potentially even higher in future. In comparison, my friend’s uncle’s land somewhere in Teluk Intan was sold for just RM8 psf not too long ago. Haha. Yes. RM8 psf versus RM3,500 psf. What’s happening … Read moreHigher plot ratio better, right?

Scared of RPGT but willing to wait and risk?

An old friend called me up the other day. He had just got the keys for his brand new condo and he was thinking if he should sell or rent. To escape from paying Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT), it is 3 years away. To sell now, the agent was telling him that he could … Read moreScared of RPGT but willing to wait and risk?

Starting with a ‘peanut’ salary? Think ahead.

Saw a sharing an article about a fresh grad sharing what he can do with his ‘peanut’ salary. He said his salary was only RM2,500. After deducting everything, he had nothing left, not even enough to give to his parents and to treat his girlfriend. Obviously he is getting an above average pay as a … Read moreStarting with a ‘peanut’ salary? Think ahead.

Branded developer and the exclusivity

There has been many contests by many branded developers. Some offer money, some offer luxury cars and recently one is offering a RM1 million voucher which can be used to buy their project. Some may say that this shows that the market is slow, thus the developers are trying to do more. Some truths but … Read moreBranded developer and the exclusivity

Too many condos, don’t buy condo

Yea, this was what many friends are saying today. There are just too many condos. Stop buying condos. May I ask if I do not buy a condo, then what do I buy. Buy an apartment? There are even MORE apartments. Buy a flat? Are you sure? There are even MORE flats. Or I should … Read moreToo many condos, don’t buy condo

Just 24 already a property tycoon. HOW?

When I was 24, I had just worked for 3 years after my first degree. Was still struggling to pay for flight tickets to visit my ‘potential’ in-laws then in Sabah. Fortunately, the potential is now a real one and my wife and I have been married for 12 years. 🙂   Well, for a … Read moreJust 24 already a property tycoon. HOW?

81% Malaysians are confident with retirement via investing

According to Franklin Templeton Investments, it’s fund manager’s Global Investor Sentiment Survey (GISS) 2015 showed that 81 percent of Malaysian respondents were confident of achieving their financial goals. A piece of good news even if truth is, I think the survey was conducted among Malaysians who are already investing right. Top investment goals include retirement, … Read more81% Malaysians are confident with retirement via investing

Why did I fear property investment, then?

Seriously, why do people fear property investment? From my close friend who’s a top management in a US electronics multinational to friends who are senior managers and colleagues whom I know earn more than enough to buy at least one investment property, all of them have just one property; their home. I have no idea … Read moreWhy did I fear property investment, then?

Luxury price but what if rubbish site nearby?

It’s not easy being a branded developer. Imagine trying to launch a new project with a new benchmark price per sf in an area not associated with high-end thus far. Press were invited. Advertisements everywhere. Special rebates for buyers who sign up on that few days are all ready. Caterer were told to ensure food … Read moreLuxury price but what if rubbish site nearby?

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