What we want, What we need. Be real.

A close friend asked me the other day about two properties in Penang island. One is in Tanjung Tokong and another is in Jelutong. Both are high end condos and both are RM1,000 psf if not higher. In other words, RM1 million or higher. I told her, actually based on my needs I would not … Read moreWhat we want, What we need. Be real.


Loan Rejection. Who’s Fault?

How many times have we heard of loan rejections on the rise? Well this has been happening even before the cooling measures started. Perhaps it got worse after the stern warning from BNM to all commercial banks. Actually who’s fault is it? Is it the Bank Negara Malaysia’s fault for forcing the banks to be … Read moreLoan Rejection. Who’s Fault?

Haunted Properties and Avoiding One.

Some time back, I wrote about this before. Buying HAUNTED properties? Today I read the same topic again, in and it has many Malaysian examples! My wife and I have never watched haunted movies together in a cinema before. I have watched a couple with my friends during secondary school days but these days I … Read moreHaunted Properties and Avoiding One.

Planning and Investing for you and your family

This article first appeared in January 2015 Edition of Ivory Living. When I learnt that my wife was pregnant with our second baby, I was ecstatic! I told her that we must do the same for the new baby as per what we have given our first baby. We must plan for their future. There … Read morePlanning and Investing for you and your family

Property 2015: Gloom, Boom and Doom

This article first appeared in the January 2015 edition of Property Hunter magazine. Many are still buying. Even more are waiting by the side. Real estate agents are complaining that servicing a buying customer needs lots of patience these days. Even my lawyer friend said that the number of transactions have really slowed down for … Read moreProperty 2015: Gloom, Boom and Doom

Undervalued is slow. Speculating is fast.

If we buy undervalued stocks (shares), its prices would soon reflect its business. This is a famous quote from Warren Buffet. I think he is a minority because majority of the investors cum speculators today are thinking of ‘quick money’, ‘fast money’ and when someone buys today, the thinking would be that it will go … Read moreUndervalued is slow. Speculating is fast.

Average Bonus 1.4 months. Do what with it?

In its annual survey of the employers and employees in Malaysia, has revealed that the average bonus payout is 1.4 months.  Of course, there are companies paying higher and there are companies paying lesser. In terms of increment, there’s a little mismatch between the expected from the employee and the planned from the employer. 54% … Read moreAverage Bonus 1.4 months. Do what with it?

550sf vs 1,000sf, choice is clear to me

On and off, I read articles on how best some interior designers redesigned a tiny small space into a liveable space. For some cases, it is tagged as desirable space. In a recent article, someone bought a small garage, made it into a very nice little home which can even be used to host parties … Read more550sf vs 1,000sf, choice is clear to me

Property? Anticipating and waiting.

There are still people who believe that state governments would do their best to help them in their quest for their first property. This belief has truths because many state governments do have plans for more affordable homes. In fact the total number for the next few years exceed whatever number that the state governments … Read moreProperty? Anticipating and waiting.

Mortgage Financing in 2015? A must read by Miichael Yeoh

Market is slowing, no doubt. However, for those who needs a place and found a good place at the price that you can afford, it’s all about applying for the best mortgage package, right? It’s very important that we understand what’s really happening come 2015. As some of us might have read before, the Base … Read moreMortgage Financing in 2015? A must read by Miichael Yeoh

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