Sen wise, Ringgit foolish

Property is an Asset, most of the time. A car is a liability, all the time. A friend bought a new Japanese car recently, a segment B car. 🙂   When asked why is he choosing that model. He said, ‘the agent said this one saves fuel a lot. Even more fuel savings than the … Read moreSen wise, Ringgit foolish


Financial Freedom vs Financial Independence

A relative whom I met recently told me that he will be finishing paying for his condominium in KL very soon, maybe in just one or two more years. He has bought the condo just over 7 years ago. This meant that instead of the typical repayment period of 25-35 years, he would have finished … Read moreFinancial Freedom vs Financial Independence

Rental yields versus Property price appreciation

During lunch few days ago, my colleague said she got to know that Australia homes does not have good rental yields. I explained briefly why. Typically, rental yield would be low when the property prices increase much faster than the rental rate. Assume you bought a condo few years ago and rented it out. Today, … Read moreRental yields versus Property price appreciation

GST and property

My friend, Ms. Lilian forwarded me a very good read. Let me share briefly with all. Will gst push up property prices? Yes and No. It really depends on the type of properties that you are buying. Will GST result in huge increases in property prices? If everything is implemented right, answer is no. Reason … Read moreGST and property

Career, property and my noisy wish

When I first started working, my wish was simple, earn more and more each year. This is so that I can visit my girlfriend in Sandakan Sabah. I did quite well because for first three years of my working life, my increment was double digits. I don’t think majority gets double digit increment every year. … Read moreCareer, property and my noisy wish

Steps to start your property investment

Assuming that you have accumulated sufficient downpayment for a property. We also assume that you have a stable job which will enable the bank to approve your mortgage loan. What would be the next step that you should take? Goal / Objective: Understand why you want to buy in the first place. There are so … Read moreSteps to start your property investment

Buying auction properties – Part 2

Two more reasons given by Mr Stephen Soon, the chairman of Penang Auctioneers association and MD of MNP Auction Team as below. Property investment is about ROI. Return on Investment. Today, when you buy any property, you are faced with Real Property Gains Tax. This would severely deplete some of your gains or even make … Read moreBuying auction properties – Part 2

Buying auction properties – Part 1

Today, a Penangite friend asked me, what are my thoughts on auction properties. To be honest, I have never bought any auction properties before. However, I remember some points from a talk I attended before some time back. It was by Mr. Stephen Soon, the Chairman of Penang Auctioneers Association and MD of MNP Auction … Read moreBuying auction properties – Part 1

Buy property asap or don’t buy? You decide.

Still remember last year, before GST many people advise that we should buy properties soonest because with the impending GST, prices will rise further. If we buy later, the GST would have been factored in and the prices even higher. Whatever advice that you hear from any consultant, famous speakers or even best selling authors, … Read moreBuy property asap or don’t buy? You decide.

Better career, more money in Singapore

A friend said, with my salary there is nothing I could buy. It is time me to look for a job in Singapore. I look at her and replied, yes, for you I also think it is best that you work in Singapore. I do not think she is someone who works very hard or … Read moreBetter career, more money in Singapore

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