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Too good to be true? Buy a home and not needing to pay for 4 years?

Looking to buy a home?

These days, property developers have a lot of different campaigns and attractive offers. There are many offering homes under the Home Ownership Campaign which meant buyers need not pay stamp duty and there’s also that super low downpayment offer. Now, there’s one which says that if you buy one of their selected properties, the buyer may not need to pay anything for the next 4 years. I do not have the details for it yeah. You can read that article in about that developer.

However, do not decide until you have read this article in full yeah. Some steps to choose that right property based on my experience is given below.

buy a home
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Article in PETALING JAYA (Jan 20): Mah Sing Group Bhd has launched the “Home with Mah Sing” campaign that enables buyers to own a home payment-free for up to four years. The campaign, which offers various incentives and savings to ease home ownership such as low booking fees from RM500, free duty and legal fees and so on, runs from Jan 11 to March 29 this year.

Mah Sing founder and group managing director Tan Sri Leong Hoy Kum said in a press release: “Under this campaign, buyers have the option of choosing a sales package which offers a payment-free period of up to four years [the exact payment-free tenure differs for each participating project]. You may read the full article for more details yeah. Article in

How do we choose a property? I disagree that we should just buy the first property which we view or evaluate yeah. If you ask me for a number, I would think at least 10 different projects so that we understand a lot more on disadvantages and advantages. A good question to ask the sales people is this question below yeah.

Question to ask

“I am considering your property versus THAT [developer name / project name]. Can you share with me what are your advantages versus them?” Whatever the sales person say, use google to understand if what they say is true. Using this way, learning about different properties and all the different considerations become way faster versus if you only ask the typical questions like how many rooms, what is the size, face which direction etc…

Do we know what we want?

If we want a home close to our office, then do not choose a property far away just because they have a nice pool yeah. If we like a bigger home, then do not be tricked into buying a small sized condo just because it’s nearby some famous landmark and the view looks fantastic yeah. Basic idea is a simple one. Buy what you really NEED and chances are that decision will be a right one. Happy choosing.

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