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Latest. Bandar Malaysia, what’s the progress?

I guess we have been reading many Bandar Malaysia related news a few years ago. It was linked to HSR KL – SG news too. Then, everything seems to have quietened down and even the HSR KL – SG had been postponed a few times. Now Bandar Malaysia is restarting… The GDV is said to be super huge and the shareholders for the development has also changed too.

bandar malaysia

To recap, Bandar Malaysia is a urban REDEVELOPMENT project on the land of the Sungai Besi airport site in Kuala Lumpur. It’s 486 acres in size. It will also be the terminal station for the HSR KL – Singapore and it will have connections with the MRT and other public transportation lines. This meant that it will be a second central railway station after KL Sentral. Once the HSR is completed, anyone starting their journey from this station will reach Singapore in 90 minutes. (hopefully this spec will remain when they announce the project restart later this year).

Latest news about Bandar Malaysia in Finance Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Zafrul Abdul Aziz says that Bandar Malaysia will boost business across all sectors of the economy and will have an economic multiplier effect for the whole country. He said, “With a gross development value of RM140 billion, it will be the biggest development of its kind in our country. This project will unlock tremendous potential, with high-impact global businesses and talent attraction towards Malaysia, in line with the government’s vision of ensuring prosperity for all.”

Bandar Malaysia development will be carried out by bandar Malaysia Sdn Bhd. IWH-CREC will take up a 60 per cent stake in Bandar Malaysia Sdn Bhd, the project’s master developer, from TRX City, with the remaining 40 per cent held by TRX City. Republic of China’s Ambassador to Malaysia, Bai Tian, said, “This is one of the largest projects invested in by Chinese companies in Malaysia, and also draws huge expectations from both countries as well as the rest of the world.” Please do read the full article in

The things I hope Bandar Malaysia will be able to do includes the following:

  1. Let’s go to SIngapore in 90 minutes. I could already imagine Singaporeans visiting KL during weekends like them visiting JB today. Please remember that over 90% of Singaporeans do NOT have a car…
  2. Solve the congestion at the Sungai Besi area. It’s still very bad today. Probably due to the never-ending constructions?
  3. Share the ‘Central Business District (CBD)’ with KL city centre so that the growth can continue versus becoming way too expensive if we have just one CBD. Anyway, in many major cities, they have more than 1 CBDs.
  4. Get in lots of new investments yeah. From overseas, not from Malaysian investors alone. Please do something about the property part yeah. It’s big enough for more than just Malaysians.

Okay, actually there’s no end to what I hope Bandar Malaysia could do. However, assuming the GDV of RM140 billion comes to fruition and we look at just a multiplier effect of 4 times, that would already have an economic effect of up to RM560 million to the economy. Plus all those businesses setting up and getting more businesses? This is why it is such a WHOA… must proceed and must do for Bandar Malaysia.

Happy restarting and move ahead smoothly.

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