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Finance News: Moody’s has downgraded outlook on the US banking system

I felt first hand the ASEAN financial crisis in 1997 / 98. The exchange rate of Ringgit to UK Pound went to as high as 1 Pound to RM8 at one point. Today, the exchange rate is 1 Pound to RM5.44 Please refer to the image from google as below:

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Enjoy! MRT Putrajaya Line – FREE RIDE until 31st March 2023

They say one picture tells a thousand words. Take a look a the photo below from the MRT Corp’s Facebook page yeah. Highlighted in yellow is “Free Ride for MRT Putrajaya Line starting 16th March until 31st March 2023 – PM Anwar.” It is a not a lot of money for two weeks but it is still a lot of good savings for meals, kopi-O and even some supper of roti canai! I am not sure if I would have the time but will see how to bring my kids for their second ride since it’s free.

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a confident woman holding bundles of cash money

EPF savings as collaterals for loans, no withdrawals

EPF is a form of retirement savings. In other words, it should just be used after retirement. Okay, I also agree that if should also be called upon in times of emergency. That’s why I am on the side of no blanket EPF withdrawal. Please be reminded that when people withdraw their funds suddenly, EPF would have to liquidate some of their investments quickly, whether or not they have profit or loss.

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Affordable Properties

People’s Housing Projects (PPR) should be for rent and not for sale

People’s Housing Projects (PPR) is built to provide homes to Malaysians who could not afford their own home as yet. Thus, all these PPR homes must be for the benefit of poor Malaysians and not to enrich anyone who managed to get a unit and is then sub-letting the unit out to foreigners and gaining profits from it while many other needy Malaysians are having to wait for a unit for years.

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person in white long sleeve shirt using macbook air
Airport related

Personal Finance 101: Anyone could lose their job. Everyone needs to be ready, especially financially.

I just read about Meta announcing a fresh wave of job cuts and the numbers being announced would be 10,000 over the next few months. I quickly checked and according to statista (click here for source) Meta has over 86,000 employees as at December 2022. When we use this as calculation, it meant that around 11-12 pct of the current employees would cease to be employees of Meta in a few months time.

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hot property market
ABCs of Property Investment

Property Investment 101: 10 tips on choosing a good tenant

Before I start, I need to remind everyone again that there is really such a thing as “Law of Attraction.” Somehow, we always seem to attract many people who’s just like us. Our friends… our colleagues… our tenants… They are like us! Be good to people, usually they will be good to us too. I give you a real conversation as below with one of my awesome tenant in Kota Kinabalu.

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HSR KL – Singapore. To be continued if no government funds needed.

Everyday, 300,000 people travel between JB and Singapore. KL – SG flight route is the busiest in the world. Malaysia and Singapore are the two countries which when 1+1 is equal to 3. Integration always start from connectivity. Economic growth always come from closer integration and connectivity. No trade routes, no growth. So, it is a foregone conclusion that HSR KL – SG is definitely needed.

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ABCs of Personal Finance

Personal Finance 101: Cost of living includes electricity too!

I usually sleep with my 8-year old son who says he will sleep on his own when we move to our new home maybe towards end of this year. One day he may not want me to be so close to him but since he needs me now, I better be close to him. Haha. He would love for the air-conditioner to be blowing the whole night. I usually switch it off after 2 hours. He could still sleep and I could also still sleep. I think I could afford the additional 6 hours but then again, ‘we will not die if we do not switch on the air-con the whole night.’

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EPF members with less funds than poverty level

When I started working, there was one particular month which due to an unforeseen circumstance, I had just RM20 and it was 5 days till salary day. I was already a working adult and thus did not want to ask my parents for money. Those 5 days were tough because I needed to go to office. I needed to go out for lunch which I did not and gave excuses to my colleagues and drank just the Milo provided in the office. For breakfast, it was Gardenia bread and for dinner it was the same. It was a feeling I would not wish for anyone at all.

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Overnight Policy Rate
Malaysian economy and BNM

Overnight Policy Rate maintained at 2.75pct. Negative?

Central banks would always try to help the expansion of the economy. If the economy is slowing down, one possible way the central bank could encourage economic expansion is to reduce the interest rate. This makes it less attractive to put the money into bank and people may choose to invest those instead. With a lower interest rate, the businesses may also take this opportunity to borrow money and expand their business. People may also think it is a good time to invest into property for example. So, reducing the interest rate is one such measure.

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