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Overnight Policy Rate
Malaysian economy and BNM

Overnight Policy Rate maintained at 2.75pct. Negative?

Central banks would always try to help the expansion of the economy. If the economy is slowing down, one possible way the central bank could encourage economic expansion is to reduce the interest rate. This makes it less attractive to put the money into bank and people may choose to invest those instead. With a lower interest rate, the businesses may also take this opportunity to borrow money and expand their business. People may also think it is a good time to invest into property for example. So, reducing the interest rate is one such measure.

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Melaka Property

Melaka International Cruise Terminal may be back!

My wife told me she wants to go on a cruise. I checked just before Covid-19 arrived. The price was okay. The choices were aplenty. Recently, I checked and realised that the choices are not many, prices are high and Malaysia is really not popular for people to go on a cruise. Many times, we have to fly to Singapore to do it. That’s really a very bad experience yeah. Fly to Singapore, get on a cruise, then cruise goes back to Singapore and fly back to KL? Haha. Does not seem like a cruising experience at all.

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interest rate

EPF payout totalled RM51.14 billion for 2022

This was a super big news before it was announced; so many media outlets were predicting the potential number. It was also hotly discussed after it was announced. Some say it’s low, some say it’s respectable. Some say it could have been better IF… Regardless, here’s that article on the details of the announcement by the EPF just a few days ago.

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Penang Property

Penang International Airport expansion project starts 2023

A long time ago, some people said that instead of building KLIA, the government should just focus on expanding the Subang airport. Fortunately, the plan for KLIA proceeded because the Prime Minister then just went ahead. Haha. Today, KLIA is said to need future expansions too especially when we look at the sudden increase in passengers and suddenly everyone needed to wait for hours to pass the immigration.

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ABCs of Property Investment

Property Investment 101: 4 tips for First Time Home Buyer

Are you a first time home buyer? I was one as well, once upon a time ago. Are you worried because this is going to be a purchase of a few hundred thousand ringgit? I was as well. I thought buying my first property was very scary and buying my second property would cause me potential bankruptcy!

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MRT Putrajaya Line will be opening in less than 2 weeks!

I am super happy reading this news today. It meant that Klang Valley is becoming even more connected and it’s getting harder for people to use the excuse just to buy a new car. 🙂 I will choose to drive because I prefer the convenience. However, as everyone knows, the petrol subsidy days are coming to an end soon. I have no idea how it will be implemented but perhaps there would be a limit? Anyway, I have an Exora and a Persona. Perhaps national cars are given some advantage in getting the petrol subsidy? Haha. Let’s see.

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ijm land
Press Releases (developers and more)

Best Phase Forward: IJM LAND Breezily Launches The Next Two Phases Of Sierra Hijauan

The fifth (2E) and sixth (2H) phase launch of Sierra Hijauan is another feather in the cap that solidifies IJM Land’s reputation as one preeminent property developers in Malaysia. And given the scarcity of new landed, gated, and guarded projects with a green milieu within the coveted Ampang address, this puts Sierra Hijauan in good stead as a resort-style development with a focus on a balanced lifestyle.

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ABCs of Personal Finance

Personal Finance 101: WORKING LONGER is compulsory for majority. Does it include you?

Here’s that news which should alarm many of us: 71pct of EPF contributors aged 55 and below do not have enough to rise above poverty level Briefly, this meant that for these 71 percent of EPF contributors, they will live under the poverty level for their savings versus the years they have to live with it. Malaysians are living longer yeah. Take this into account when we are talking about working past retirement.

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