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7 great benefits from the MRT which we get to enjoy directly and indirectly.

Some of may be taking public transport daily. Most probably it may be one of the LRT lines. It may be the Mass Rail Transit Sungai Buloh – Kajang line or also known as SBK Line but is now known as MRT Kajang Line. You may refer to the MRT Corp site for the latest names. MRT SSP or Sungai Buloh – Serdang – Putrajaya is now known as MRT Putrajaya Line.


Mass Rail Transit (MRT) have these 7 advantages for us whether directly or indirectly.

#1 – Lower travelling expenditure. Without public transport, just buying an ‘affordable’ car would already require us to pay an instalment of RM350 per month. If we add in fuel costs, that may be another RM200. (1,000km including jams). RM7 parking fees per day = RM140 per month. Let’s not even start to talk about car maintenance / service intervals yeah. Meanwhile it is only MY30 for UNLIMITED travel on MRT, LRT, Monorail, BRT, Rapid KL’s bus and MRT feeder bus services. This is applicable until end of 2020. After that, MY100 and MY50 will be back. Here’s that announcement.

#2 – Time-Saving While some may want to debate this but I do think it’s time-saving because if it says that the duration is 30 minutes, it will be 30 minutes. Thus, instead of having the unforeseen circumstances, when we take the MRT, we will know almost to the dot the time which we will arrive. This saves a lot of time because we do not need to leave earlier just to ensure we are on time for example…

#3 – Safety If we look at the number of accidents and the fact that many times, it may not be caused by us, we should realise that accidents happen much more often when we drive versus if we were to take the MRT. Let’s also not forget the fact that sometimes, when it rains heavily, we would feel very stressed inside the car trying to see as far ahead as possible and doing our best to keep to our lane. Now imagine standing or sitting in the MRT and just letting the MRT take us to the station we want to go.

#4 – Time to reduce the jams Once upon a time when I was still staying in Kelana Jaya, I was just 3km away from home and I called my wife and told her. An hour later, I was STILL stuck in the jam. The main reason? I have no idea at all except for the rain. Sigh. Now, imagine if 400 of us took the MRT, that would reduce the number of cars on the road by up to 400 cars or if two to a car, then 200 cars will be off the road. Now imagine 150,000 people taking the MRT daily…

#5 – Convenience and Comfort We may get a seat. If we do, we could even switch on our laptop to do some work. Now even if we are standing, we could still browse Facebook too. Let’s also not forget the fact that there’s also air-condition inside the train as well. Based on my own experience thus far, it’s comfortable too.

#6 – Great for the economy too Look at the stalls in the MRT stations. Look at the bakeries or the convenience stores too. These are businesses and these would provide more employment opportunities too. By the way, there are so many malls / places which are connected or very close to the MRT stations. All these help in connecting the people to them and economic activities happen.

#7 – Good for properties too It used to be just a few areas which people love to stay since it’s closer to the city centre. These days, it could be further away and the duration of travel may be almost the same. It meant that the property choices are expanded. It meant that people could actually choose to stay slightly further away and pay lower prices too. It also meant developers could build further away and if it’s connected to the MRT, people would actually buy them.

Of course, there’s no end to the number of benefits but let’s just stop at my favourite number, 7. For those who are taking the MRT, keep doing it and save more money to invest yeah. For those thinking of taking the MRT, it’s just RM30 UNLIMITED for 1 month and valid till end of 2020. Anyway, even if it is back to MY100, it is still just RM100 per month… Happy riding.

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