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Just 3 workers and 14 days to build a 6,088 sq ft building. Serious!

How many workers do we need to build a home for a family? Say a 20 x 70 terrace house? Well, what about a building of 6,088 square feet? What about cranes and other construction machines? Probably, the better question to ask before we get a good answer is how long would the given duration be. If we are given 14 days, probably many workers and many machines. If we are given 60 days, then we could afford to have fewer people and machines.

The actual answer is just 3 workers and 1 crane for a building of 6,088 sq ft and 14 days in total. 2 weeks yeah. None of the three workers are brick layers! This happened in Dubai, not Malaysia but with technology, it’s just time that it will be available here in Malaysia too. Cost will play an important part. Imagine if there’s a shortage of construction workers as well as the need to complete the construction within a certain short lead time?

Article in The builder is Apis Cor and its motto is “we print buildings.” Apis Cor has become a prominent leader in the world of 3D-printed architecture. It has build a tiny home in Moscow to affordable homes in California and Louisiana too. Now, it has printed this new building in Dubai where there’s severe climate temperatures rise and drop suddenly.

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The construction site spanned approximately 7,000 sq ft and would usually require lots of scaffolding. However, because of the company’s custom car-sized 3D printer which was mobile, the building was constructed DIRECTLY onsite faster and more efficiently than a traditional construction project. This machine worked along side just three workers and a single construction crane. The machine printed out the structure section by section and after that traditional construction methods were used to install the windows and roof and rebar supports added to reinforce the walls. Please do read the article for more details. Fascinating stuff. Article in

Actually, what this really meant for the construction world is that we will need ever fewer workers and machines. A scary thought indeed for many stakeholders including people and the companies providing all these construction related machines. However, this may still be a long time to go because if construction costs continue to be affordable, developers will continue their usual ways and everyone will continue to do what they are currently doing; brick layering for example.

Hopefully, someone get Apis Cor over to Malaysia to build something here in Malaysia! would love to be invited to the project wherever it may be in Malaysia and we will be excited to write about it and tell the world too. Perhaps to build something on an empty piece of land which belongs to DBKL? Yeah, certainly looks like it may just happen. Happy anticipating yeah.

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