Singapore more ‘convenient’ than Penang

I have to write this because the term convenience is really simply misused just because one is working in Singapore. A younger friend said, Singapore is much more convenient than Penang. I look at her and ask why. She said, ‘MRT’ can reach anywhere you want to go! Let me share with you one typical … Read moreSingapore more ‘convenient’ than Penang

Penang properties – what Singaporeans ask first

I was on duty in my previous company in a property show in Singapore. It was early morning, even before 930am and the show does not start until 10am. Yet, there were already a few Singaporean investors arriving early. They also try to listen to each and every seminar throughout the day and loves to … Read morePenang properties – what Singaporeans ask first

Penang property vs Singapore property?

After reading my article on Hong Kong properties, a friend said he did not know that Hong Kong properties are that expensive. What about Singapore properties? Let us look at the same criterias again, 700sf, lowest and highest. As usual, online is our best teacher. Stats from   Looking at the numbers, it does … Read morePenang property vs Singapore property?

Why buy Penang Property – my personal reasons

15 years in Penang. I worked with 3 different organisations based in Penang. My wife and I got married in Penang. My baby was born in Penang. From just Sunshine departmental store until today when Penang has Queensbay, Gurney Mall and Paragon Mall, Penang has continuously changed and if I may add, for the better. Without … Read moreWhy buy Penang Property – my personal reasons

Penang Property Potential

This question requires a very long answer, beyond my usual 300 words article. 🙂 However, let us focus on three aspects for now. Space, people and connectivity. There are a few key property markets in Malaysia. This includes Klang Valley, Iskandar, KK, Kuching and without any doubt, Penang. If we look in terms of space … Read morePenang Property Potential

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