Ben & Lynette, Ipoh

This is a very new cafe. Just opened one week ago. I think this is the first time ever that I have visited such a newly opened cafe.  Ipoh really do have an ever growing cafe culture. There’s even a horse at the entrance to the cafe. Please, don’t climb up the horse.It was around … Read moreBen & Lynette, Ipoh


Let’s go to BED together, Ipoh.

This is a fairly new cafe.  BED stands for Bread, Espresso and Dessert. As usual the gold standard for any cafe is their latte. If you look at them preparing it, the baristas are serious and look professional. I hope my cup would be above average. The latte really did not disappoint me. However, somehow … Read moreLet’s go to BED together, Ipoh.

My Ipoh needs an airport

Penang has industrial areas and for past few years, booming tourism due to the Unesco Heritage Award. Klang Valley is where everything is happening, latest, newest, tallest, biggest and more. There’s a city in between these two hubs, Ipoh. Penang airport is the 3rd most busiest, after KL and KK. Ipoh has an airport which … Read moreMy Ipoh needs an airport

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