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A close friend asked me to join her for an informative property talk by a prominent property guru. That property guru is very famous and I bought her book before. In fact her book was the second one which I bought and I have read it a few times over. The speaker would be speaking about three topics which I feel everyone should listen and know because it may be the same talk but everyone may have different conclusions. ‘When is the best time to invest in property’, ‘how to be a successful property investor’, and ‘the challenges and opportunities’.  Tell me, what would be the answer to the first one? Yes, it’s, ‘Anytime’. The second one would be some steps like searching for the right one, saving for the first one, etc. The third answer would be opportunities in newer areas, challenges such as the potential crisis, such as harder to get loan approvals etc. For those who think, these topics are very basic, well not really. For some who has been reading continuously, it’s basic but for first time home buyers, it’s a wealth of knowledge. Before you jump out of the plane, at least, get a parachute. 🙂
Whenever there are property fairs, one part that I like the most would be the seminars and talks. Of course because I kept listening to these talks, some of them are actually repetitive but at least half of them would be on new topics. I also love to listen to property developer’s talks. You may think, of course they would only say good things about their project but be reminded, everyone of us wanted something different. If the developer’s project meets everything you are looking for, then it’s really worth your time. Furthermore, you can ask questions during the talk!  Thus, try not to miss these when you go to any property fairs which these days are happening nearly every week.
Property gurus, especially the famous ones are really famous. 🙂  They speak in every big events and continue to speak on topics of interest to all of us. What about the not so famous ones? The newer ones? Well, give them a chance. They may not be as famous yet because they are not yet long in the industry. However, every one of them have something to share, their knowledge. Sometimes, they may be biased slightly because they do represent some developers but frankly, do you think they want to destroy their image built over the years by representing a really ‘useless’ developer.
Articles. Always read more. Every article lets you know more. Every article allows you to understand what’s really happening. Do not be surprised to read 3 articles saying three different things. An example, Cyberjaya. At least half of the articles would say Cyberjaya is overhyped. Another half said Cyberjaya is where the excitement is. Ok, which one is true? Well, I prefer to read those telling us things like ‘new malls in Cyberjaya’ (positive), ‘new MNC opening up’ (positive), ‘MRT’ (positive) and those like ‘unsold units’ (negative), ‘nothing to do at night’ (negative) as well as ‘too many empty units’ (negative). Hope you see that you are able to make a better conclusion for your own hard earned money if you read both sides before deciding.
written on 13th Sept 2014
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