New mall; DPulze, Cyberjaya.

Cyberjaya has nothing. No one is staying there. No one is there during the weekends. People are there because they needed to work, that’s why they are there. I do not wish to debate on all these statements which may be true or may start to be false. However, there’s another piece of good news. … Read moreNew mall; DPulze, Cyberjaya.


Asia Pacific Property Awards – Malaysian winners

Everyone loves to win awards. Developers too. Recently, the Asia Pacific Property Awards night was held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. The award winners would be representing the region to compete against the winners from all other regions to find the ultimate winners in the World’s Best category. If history were to repeat itself, then Asian … Read moreAsia Pacific Property Awards – Malaysian winners

Sunway’s theme park expanding with Nickelodeon themed attractions

I remembered the first time I went to Sunway Lagoon theme park, I was so amazed by its water park then. Had so much fun that after that trip I have gone there no less than 6-8 other times, normally with friends. There was even once when my friend persuaded me to abandon my policy … Read moreSunway’s theme park expanding with Nickelodeon themed attractions

Gateway @ KLIA2 – Opening May 2014

Do you believe shopping can be exciting even when you are in airports? Think Changi Airport, Singapore. I have bought many things in Changi airport and I always feel that every airport should have their shopping modelled just like Singapore’s Changi Airport. Well, KLIA’s not too bad but can be better. Current LCCT shopping? No … Read moreGateway @ KLIA2 – Opening May 2014

Langkawi – RM4 Billion GDV Development – Luxury Travellers

Have you ever been to Langkawi? I have been to Langkawi many times. Normally I would go to Langkawi once every year. What is there to do over there? Actually, not a great lot but here’s some of them. Langkawi Tourism.  Personally, I like Langkawi because when I am there, everything slows down tremendously. It is … Read moreLangkawi – RM4 Billion GDV Development – Luxury Travellers

Kungfu Paradise, Paradigm Mall

We wanted to go Teh Tarik Place again but it did not have dinner sets. So, we walked a few more shops and saw Kungfu Paradise. We decided to try it because my wife said that we went to a similar cafe before. I told her ‘nolah, where got.’ Haha. We went in, immediately the … Read moreKungfu Paradise, Paradigm Mall

Even more new malls coming up in Klang Valley

Every weekend, I would go shopping, I meant window shopping. Anyway, the main destination is still shopping malls. I have only a few favourites. Number one is 1 Utama, followed very closely by Sunway Pyramid and then Mid Valley. The rest are just too far for my liking since I stay in Kelana Jaya. I … Read moreEven more new malls coming up in Klang Valley

Heritage Village – Paradigm Mall has kuih koci!

I loved kuih koci when I was young. I still loved it today but these days, I seldom see it. Perhaps because it’s so hard to a perfect one or the process is long, I have no idea but kuih koci is becoming extinct! Today I visited Heritage Village for the second time and they … Read moreHeritage Village – Paradigm Mall has kuih koci!

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