Buy Penang or Iskandar first?

I think if you ask a Penangite, they would most probably tell you, buy Penang. Iskandar is just a piece of empty land 2.5 times the size of Singapore. If you ask a Johorean, they may tell you that they have only begun to believe that Iskandar might just work but to buy in Penang … Read moreBuy Penang or Iskandar first?


Medini – Another huge theme park?

Everyone knows Sunway Lagoon here in Malaysia. I read somewhere that when Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah launched his first project there, he sold it for so little just to cover it’s cost. It was really unattractive then. Something like Damansara and Mont Kiara long time ago. Actually come to think of it, not that long … Read moreMedini – Another huge theme park?

Medini @ Iskandar – exemption and distance

This is a hot word recently. Medini has been exempted from the 30% property gains tax in Malaysia. This is an extremely important news because this meant that foreign buyers, especially from Singapore may continue to invest without having the dark cloud of 30% RPGT over their head. Medini is being developed by Medini Iskandar … Read moreMedini @ Iskandar – exemption and distance

Frothiness building up in property market – Nouriel Roubini

Google him and you would know who this person is. Need no explanation in the economics world. He wrote an article in The Edge recently detailing how the global financial crisis was triggered by a series of collapsing housing market bubbles. He mentioned US as the one most well known. I think all of us … Read moreFrothiness building up in property market – Nouriel Roubini

Iskandar with new Rapid Transit System

Wait. It is still in progress but will only have another update perhaps end 2014. Targeted date of completion is also 2019. Which is 5 years away. So, if RTS is not built, what would happen? Well, I feel that more road linkages can be built between Singapore. More buses perhaps? In fact, I am … Read moreIskandar with new Rapid Transit System

New property prices up 50%, how much is your profit?

A friend of mine who is a sales manager in an online company told me that she earned 50% profit the other day as soon as her new property was completed. I said, do you own the property or are you paying loan for it? She said she paid just 10% for the property which … Read moreNew property prices up 50%, how much is your profit?

Gloom and doom for property market?

Is it all rosy with Penang properties? I think the long term outlook is positive but according to a lot of my property friends, there has been a slowdown in Penang property market in terms of transactions. Due to all the new measures being introduced, some of the buyers felt that they want to wait … Read moreGloom and doom for property market?

Iskandar Property Digest – Nov / Dec 2013

Medini zone granted tax exemption – The earlier announced of 30% property gains tax announced in October to cool soaring property prices will not apply to Medini.  This is to provide catalyst to get more investments into Medini. Property prices to stabilise – With two new cooling measures; increase the minimum to one million ringgit … Read moreIskandar Property Digest – Nov / Dec 2013

Iskandar, RM1 million onwards

Some say this will stop Singaporeans from buying. Some say this will have no effect whatsoever. My friend who’s a HR Director said this when he tried to hire an American expatriate to join a US MNC in Penang. ‘I will triple your retirement funds immediately’. What he meant was, if the American comes to … Read moreIskandar, RM1 million onwards

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