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Category: Expert Series Q&A (Recommended)

Expert Series Q&A consists of Q&As with real estate industry’s who’s who. As they share their experience based on topics of their expertise, we learn more. It’s a privilege to have their sharing with readers of

Expert Series with Australian Property Developer – Ken Dodds about the Melbourne property market

Posted in Australia Property Investment, and Expert Series Q&A (Recommended)

Charles Tan of Kopi and Property speaks with Ken Dodds- Resimax Group partner and director of Resimax Malaysia. Ken Dodds is uniquely qualified to offer insights and guidance to anyone…


Expert Series with Ryan Khoo: Iskandar Malaysia’s potential and what’s really happening

Posted in Expert Series Q&A (Recommended), and Iskandar / JB Property

Today, we have with us someone whom I would go to when I have any questions about Iskandar Malaysia. Even though I consider him as an property expert, he remains…

Expert Series with Asia’s Property Queen, Dr. Renesial Leong

Posted in Approaching Events, Expert Series Q&A (Recommended), and Property, KL / Selangor

It’s my honour and pleasure to have Dr. Renesial Leong for our Expert Series. The theme for this session: “Never Work Again Unless You Choose To Through Properties.” Dr. Renesial…

Expert Series – Why Retirement Homes, Why Ipoh? – Part 1

Posted in Expert Series Q&A (Recommended), Property Perak, and Retirement Related

Readers of knows that I am an Ipohan. A proud one as well. Frankly, I will definitely retire in Ipoh. However, I am nowhere near the retirement age yet.…

Expert Series with Gerard Soosay – Importance of personalisation plus affordability

Posted in Expert Series Q&A (Recommended)

When it comes to Iskandar, the thinking is that only the Chinese developers (from China) are there. This is INCORRECT. There are many local developers there and they have to…

Expert Series with Charles Tan – First Property Guide for all, especially couples.

Posted in Expert Series Q&A (Recommended), Personal Finance, and Starting Property Investing

Someone asked me these questions. Since I have drafted my reply, here is my sharing with all. It is a guide to buying that first property as a couple. Daunting…

Expert Series: Bitcoin questions answered by Suraya (

Posted in Expert Series Q&A (Recommended)

Bitcoin is the oldest cryptocurrency. It started in 2009. What is a cryptocurrency? As per WIKI, “A cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a digital asset designed to work as a…

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