EPF, UK property link and my thoughts

In my personal opinion based on the little knowledge I have as well as the many articles and analysts reports, I seriously think London properties are already at a very high level. It may just have to correct or even stay stagnant for some time before going up further. Just look at the average property … Read moreEPF, UK property link and my thoughts


A trip, GenM counter, free dinner and short break

Should we switch some of our property focus into the share market instead? These few weeks has been good for the stock market. Recently, I bought 2,000 units of Genting Malaysia stock. (Stock code: GenM). Of course, since it is only 2,000 units, no matter how much the business of Genting Malaysia grows, I would … Read moreA trip, GenM counter, free dinner and short break

Undervalued when listed? Some cases.

One major reason why companies love to get listed is to have access to funds from the market. In fact, majority of all the recent billionaires were all due to their companies getting listed. Think Alibaba, think Facebook. The owners are now way richer than majority of all those who built their wealth over a … Read moreUndervalued when listed? Some cases.

‘ADD’ Sunway Bhd. Good dividends in 2015.

‘ADD’ here means to buy their stocks. CIMB Equities Research has given a glowing report on Sunway Bhd in a local English daily. It said that they had underestimated the additional contribution from property investment and associate incomes as well as the higher margins from the construction segment where Sunway has won RM1.1 billion worth … Read more‘ADD’ Sunway Bhd. Good dividends in 2015.

Another happy news. Good increment in 2015.

According to Hays Asia Salary Guide, Malaysia is second only to China when it comes to salary increases in Asia. In fact, 10% of employers will be offering more than 10% salary increment to their staffs in 2015. In other words, you should get that increment letter soon, should you have performed very well and … Read moreAnother happy news. Good increment in 2015.

Undervalued is slow. Speculating is fast.

If we buy undervalued stocks (shares), its prices would soon reflect its business. This is a famous quote from Warren Buffet. I think he is a minority because majority of the investors cum speculators today are thinking of ‘quick money’, ‘fast money’ and when someone buys today, the thinking would be that it will go … Read moreUndervalued is slow. Speculating is fast.

US$1.375 Billion settlement in inflated ratings case.

Investors love ratings. It gives them a sense of direction and confidence. However, what happens when the rating agency you trust did not rate accordingly? Perhaps they under-rated and you missed the opportunity? Perhaps they inflated and everyone bought and later it caused huge losses for all those who believed them? I personally like to … Read moreUS$1.375 Billion settlement in inflated ratings case.

200,000 new marriages, 80,000 new properties

Yes, in Malaysia, on a yearly basis there are 200,000 new marriages every year. There are also a total of 80,000 new properties being built on a yearly basis. This information is from Mah Sing’s group Managing Director Tan Sri Leong Hoy Kum. He said due to this, there would always be shortages of sufficient … Read more200,000 new marriages, 80,000 new properties

Getting ugly? Hope not. Better not.

I have not written on this before but I think I should pen my thoughts this time. I do not like huge banks which continue to lower their lending standards and aiming at higher profit in the expense of ‘prudence’. Their thought? As they are too huge to fail, the government will bail them out. … Read moreGetting ugly? Hope not. Better not.

Suddenly, now everything’s good? Haha.

I remember just weeks ago, reports after reports said that Ringgit was doomed, that the Bursa will be continuously negative because of a host of many reasons. One recent report even stated that Malaysia is the weakest ASEAN country. It’s ok, I am very sure they must done their research using statistics I do not … Read moreSuddenly, now everything’s good? Haha.

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