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Day: April 13, 2023

paying in a counter using a bank card
Career Related

How’s your salary increment? These employees will get up to 18 pct salary adjustment!

Many friends are working in the banking sector. One in particular has worked in the same bank for over 15 years I believe. She said that when she started, she had 25 peers. Today, she had just around 10. As you can see the banks are also changing tremendously. Online banking growth meant fewer people would be going to the bank. In other words, banks do not need so many people, they also do not need so many branches and last but not least, if they want to thrive, they have to go online and be inside everyone’s smartphone.

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high rise buildings of kuala lumpur
ABCs of Personal Finance

Financial news: S&P Global comments on Malaysian banks amidst tougher conditions in 2023

A friend asked me what will happen to Malaysian bank if even the 16th largest bank in the US, SVP Bank could collapse. I smiled and said that it’s best to look at them separately. There are many reasons why SVP Bank collapsed. The reasons are not present with Malaysian banks. Read here for the earlier article: Moody’s downgraded the US banking system outlook I shall not comment further about Malaysian banks. We look at the comments by S&P Global instead.

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