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Is working in 1 job enough these days? How about 3?

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Working 3 jobs? Possible?

I have many friends who bake during the weekends. The earnings are pretty decent by the way for some whom I know. Of course, all depending on how successful they market their home baked stuffs. One friend made special chilli sauce and it’s really delicious. I finished two bottles already. Here’s her instapage if you love special chilli sauces and many more different bakes.

I also have a few friends who are real estate negotiators and they have a second income from some of these second job; selling insurance, driving GRAB, part-time tuition teacher and even website developer. Check this out if you need to have a great website. You would not extra discount even if

Article in malaymail.com Workers in tertiary sector (office and admin jobs) are using the Overemployed.com website to try to combine several jobs.

Out of boredom or fear of being fired, they test the limits of their productivity to double or even triple their pay.

In order to find a way out from current, less than desirable situations, a community of “overworkers” has formed in the United States.

Coming mainly from the technology, banking and insurance sectors, these employees are combining two jobs. Please do read the full article with a lot more details here: Article in malaymail.com

Just remember, aim for a career and not only a job

We can start as an officer but if we keep learning, keep improving and continue to do very well, we will start to climb the corporate ladder and one day may become one of the senior managers in the organisation. The yearly salaries are pretty good yeah. If I earn RM15,000 per month and I DO NOT SIMPLY SPEND MY MONEY, I actually do not need to work a second job. A decent Segment C car, a landed home slightly further away is a certainty too.

A typical senior finance manager? Salary info by jobstreet.com.my below. By the way, positions in online / internet related businesses may just be higher too.

Source: jobstreet.com Salary Report

However, if our attitude at work is to treat it like a job; to do just enough, refuse to take up higher responsibilities, to stop learning and yet hoping for ever higher salaries, then it will be just a job. When it is just a job, then anyone out there (including out of Malaysia) who could do the same job for lesser pay will get the job instead. This is the world we live in today.

By the way, there is no such thing as the best way. If working at two jobs or three jobs is considered a better choice, by all means go for it. One man’s meat is another’s poison. Everyone should be happy with their own choices in life. Happy understanding and doing something about it.

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