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EMCO in Selangor and KL yeah. What’s allowed and what’s not?

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I thought everyone knows about this news. I also thought everyone realised that it’s quite important to know that vaccination numbers are going up (6000 plus for the past 3 days despite 5000 plus on average for the month of June) but the number of new infections are still persisting, so we should slow it down further. Makes logical sense, no?

To those who still THINK nothing as changed since FMCO, please do note that FMCO ACTUALLY started 1st June. The number of infections during the time was 8,000. Today, we are at 6,000 plus for the 3rd day. We have been at 5000 plus on average for month of June. So, now with the EMCO, they just want to push the numbers down, please just stay home lah. Help our medical frontliners a bit. They work whole day, we just need to stay home whole day.

The reason for this article? My friend just said, “now you cannot even go out after 8pm unless you have emergency.” My friend ah… after 8pm, if you have no emergency, WHY DO YOU WANT TO GO OUT? This is still FMCO period… okay? And yes, now it’s going to be back to EMCO by 3rd July 2021. So, technically, can still go out tomorrow and I really hope no one goes crazy again in buying things because the markets REMAIN OPEN throughout EMCO.

Article in thestar.com.my Factories producing food items are allowed to operate. For example, rice, bread, sugar, cooking oil, wheat, fresh milk, baby formula, medicine and face masks. (From me, the rest please do not operate…)

8pm curfew will start EXCEPT for emergencies.

It’s back to ONE passenger inside taxis and e-hailing vehicles.

One member of a household (does not need to be ketua rumah okay) can go out to purchase essentials within a 10km radius of their homes. (From me, please just buy at the nearest kedai runcit outside your house, go so far for….??)

If you have vaccinations appointment, please do proceed. Remember to show your MySejahtera application when asked.

Airports and harbours will be allowed to operate as per normal.

Public transport will also be allowed to operate at a 50% capacity.

Only essential services such as utilities, sewage and cleaning can operate from 8am to 8pm.

All employers not under the approved list MUST not ask their staffs to go to the office.

Only take-away or drive-through services will be allowed at restaurants.

Petrol stations will be allowed to open from 6am to 8pm, however, those along highways can run 24 hours.

Wholesale markets are allowed to operate from midnight to 6am. Pasar tani (farmers market) and markets can operate from 6am to 2pm.

No sports, social and recreation activities are allowed throughout this period.

Thank you thestar.com.my for this good reference. There are other things in the article too. Please read here: thestar.com.my

My advice?

Just follow lah. This is really not the time to give this question and that question. If you have vaccination, if you have emergency, you will definitely be allowed to travel. Period. Otherwise, stay home and let’s see the number stabilise again in 14 days. Hopefully within these 14 days, we manage to jab another 300,000 x 14 days = 4.2 million jabs! Yes, I do think my second AZ jab will be within July since it’s been announced that the dosage period is now 9 weeks and no longer 12 weeks. On behalf of all Malaysians who intend to follow, THANK YOU to all the rest who were still thinking of going out after 8pm without any emergency.

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