Miichael: The Art of Property Investments (Seminar in KL)

I like to listen to Miichael’s talks. Always energetic and I always pick up new ideas from him. He has another talk coming up soon. Do sign up here.  To those who has yet to learnt from his vast experience and knowledge in the mortgage world, perhaps this is the time. It is in Kuala Lumpur, sorry Penangites. I think he will do one in Penang soon too. Please never buy if we do not understand what we are buying or investing. Spend time picking up tips and not drinking a latte in some cafe. Happy learning from him and do ask him questions.

Below are the details for his upcoming talk. You can also refer to his site here.


The Art of Property Investments

by GM Training Academy PLT

Everyone likes to make money through property investments. Property investments have gone through a new ball game. Investors need to equipped themselves with the necessary tool to invest wisely.

Miichael has 20 years of experience in property and mortgage industry and would like to share with you the insights on how to be a wise property investor. For the last 5 years he has spoken in seminars, developers projects launch and also conducted many courses.

What are the steps should investors take when you invest in property? Miichael will share with you the right way to start your property investment journey and to avoid painful mistakes that will cost you a whole lot of money.

Highlights of Miichael’s talk

  • Going forward what will happen in 2017?
  • How to invest in turbulent times?
  • The pitfalls in property investing.
  • Strategies to use in 2017 and beyond
  • How to make sure the banks lend to you?

It is time to break away from your usual routine. Instead of working 9-5 job look for alternative way to make more money.

Let the “MONEY” works harder for you.

Be street smart not work smart only



Sat, June 10, 2017

2:30 PM – 5:30 PM Malaysia Time Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) Time

Add to Calendar


No 278 Jalan Sepakat, Taman United

Kuala Lumpur, 58200


If you are serious to learn from Miichael he will be having a talk register NOW….

Happy learning.


Advertisements is everything about property related writings and news. Enjoy reading with a latte.

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