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EcoWorld and RM500,000 gated and guarded landed?

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googlemapEvery now and then my friends would ask me if there are any projects below half a million which is landed. When I told them to look further, they would say it’s too far. Anyway, there’s another one being launched by EcoWorld, a double-storey landed called Graham Garden. This is part of its Eco Grandeur. Of course, do note that the said property cannot be within Kuala Lumpur city centre or any other popular areas in your mind currently. It’s in the North-West of Klang Valley or Ijok in Kuala Selangor. Distance wise, take a look at the google map. Around the same time as that of many other slightly further away projects and actually comparable to many of the distance my colleagues are travelling today.

Before everyone jump with excitement, do note that our current lifestyle would also have to change. Driving to work would need to be earlier too. The plus point is that you will stay in good development versus inability to buy any in the new popular areas within Kuala Lumpur. Besides that, this new development is also 40km from Petaling Jaya and 18km from the Sungai Buloh town centre. So, to those working in these two places, this may be another option.

granduerGraham Garden makes up about 10% of the township’s residential offering. According to it’s president and CEO Datuk Chang Khim Wah, “These homes are affordable without compromising on quality and are targeted at first-time home owners.” It’s a strata precint (means no one can simply paint their units in crazy colours) and it’s gated and guarded with perimeter fencing and a central guard house to facilitate visitor management system.  Total number of units are over 1,000. Yes, this is definitely a huge piece of land and developments will be continuing for a very long time. Completion is 2019. So, want to take a look? As usual, a proper launching portal has been set up here.

written on 11 Sept 2016

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