Evaluating what to buy is better than guessing when to buy

I read an article in Public Mutual’s Calibre magazine. There’s this one liner. “Investors who opt to stay out of the market during the consolidation periods are not able to profit from capitalising on low market prices.” What it says in brief is that when we chose to follow the majority and skip the market when it’s bad, we would not be like the few who stayed in the market and they may earn exceptional returns when the market boom returns. Just look at what Warren Buffet do. It’s a tough act to follow. Buy when others are selling and holding on even when others are terrified. Then again, look around us, are there more millionaires or are there more middle class income earners?

As usual, every now and then, people would ask me. KL property still can buy ah? Another question especially during the slow market of today.Are the property prices low enough to enter? Can you ask someone else? I really have no idea. However I can safely assure you that I continue to invest even from for the periods of 2014, 2015 and 2016. I remain committed on ensuring I do something and well property investments are continuing. I am still staying in the one I bought in 2014 and appreciation has been slow but then again, any appreciation during this period is definitely still a plus.

Oh yeah, just to simply answer the question. Property prices would never be low enough, for hotspots. Property prices would be always very low for the wrong spots. Property prices would be slow movers for secondary spots. Hope this answers the question of whether property prices are low enough to enter. Where are the hotspots? The easiest answer? It would be the places where condos are seven figures and landed homes are only for sight-seeing. Where are the wrong spots? This is where prices are so low you wonder what was wrong with it. As for secondary spots, come on, lots of property portals to do our own research. It is usually over 15km away from the KL city centre lah. Anything nearer is harder to get these days. Maybe in a few years’ time, it would be 25km away from KL city centre instead. Gentle reminder. Evaluating what to buy is still better than guessing when to buy.

written on 5 Aug 2016

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