Secondary Property Market – Volume Down, Value Remain

A close friend told me today that our common friend is looking for a bigger place, preferably over 1,000sf for RM600,000 and in the middle of Tanjung Bungah and Bayan Baru. She does not want Jelutong. I told my close friend, ‘Don’t worry, just wait….. and wait….. and wait…..’. Yet, I feel if she has … Read moreSecondary Property Market – Volume Down, Value Remain

My first condo buy (updated)

I was asked this question many years ago and I am still asked this same question today. Why did I buy my first condo? What attracted me so much that I decided to buy? What was the question lingering in my mind which made me make my decision only after 1 month? For those who … Read moreMy first condo buy (updated)

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