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Category: Investment Resources

Making sense with properties near MRT by looking at the 4Ps (People, Price, Policy and Preference)

Posted in Approaching Events, Investment Resources, and Property, KL / Selangor

Anyone buying a property for own-stay is actually starting their property investment journey. The question is only if they continue buying the second, third and so on. When we embark…


Buying a home? Here’s where you know all your COSTS.

Posted in Investment Resources, Personal Finance, and Starting Property Investing

A good friend was buying a home for the very first time, after many rounds of discussion with me. Well, at least 3 mamak sessions. His wife is a medical…

Home improvements? Here’s one good contractor in Penang.

Posted in Investment Resources, Penang Properties (Island), Penang properties (mainland), and Starting Property Investing

Home Improvements? Electrical stuffs? Piping stuffs? Specifically for Penang, here’s my recommendation. I have personally used his services a couple of times and in brief, he’s direct, honest and professional.…

Investing for our property investment success. Learning from Asia’s Property Queen.

Posted in Approaching Events, and Investment Resources

I bought Renesial’s book ‘Property Jewel’ when I was deciding whether to rent or to sell my apartment in 2004. I can consider the book as a catalyst to my…

The countries where Chinese love to buy the most. Property.

Posted in Investment Resources, and Property Australia

Should we feel lucky if we are not a top property destination in the world? I would but many who are working to push our property market out to the…

7th Auction of Malaysian Banknotes @ 10th March, Sasana Kijang.

Posted in Investment Resources, and Personal Finance

Message from MNP Auctioneers (Central) Sdn Bhd. We would like to invite you to mark an important date in your smartphone now. This is for the 7th Auction of Malaysian…

Worrying about the recent Overnight Policy Rate increase? (What’s that?)

Posted in Investment Resources, Personal Finance, and Starting Property Investing

I think only one person sent to me the Bank Negara’s recent Overnight Policy Rate hike of 0.25 percent. Perhaps this is because it is not that significant? Depending on…

Co-working is working, really. Will work even better in future.

Posted in Co-Working, Investment Resources, and Penang Properties (Island)

My team-mate and I had a meeting with an affordable housing developer in Penang recently. On the way up the developer’s office which was in Tamarins House, I saw Scoopoint…

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