Expert Series – Why Retirement Homes, Why Ipoh? – Part 1

Readers of knows that I am an Ipohan. A proud one as well. Frankly, I will definitely retire in Ipoh. However, I am nowhere near the retirement age yet. However, I wrote about retirement homes way back in 2014 and I recently have the pleasure to interview someone who is trying to change the … Read moreExpert Series – Why Retirement Homes, Why Ipoh? – Part 1


Ipoh Retirement, doing nothing?

Stop the jokes. If retiring means doing nothing, then it’s no longer retiring. That’s more like suffering. I can take it when people say Ipoh’s food not as famous as some other so called ‘famous’ cities. Sure, go ahead. I can also force myself to accept it if someone were to say Penang’s food variety … Read moreIpoh Retirement, doing nothing?

Ipoh Developments – Latest – March 2014

News about more developments in Ipoh is always a good news to me. Many of my Penangites friend dared not tell me these days that Ipoh is only a Ngar Choy Kai town. I did not punch all of them, merely bringing many of them to Ipoh to taste what food varieties Ipoh has to … Read moreIpoh Developments – Latest – March 2014

Buying condo and wait 15 years?

An Ipoh friend working in Singapore told me that she may want to buy a condo in Ipoh for her retirement. ‘You are retiring in a few years’ time?’ I asked. She said, nolar, buy now for future, since the price will continue to go up and S$ to RM is very advantageous to me. … Read moreBuying condo and wait 15 years?

Buying Ipoh Property for retirement?

My colleague asked me just a few days ago, ‘Should I buy Ipoh property’ today? I was thinking Ipoh might be a good place to retire since KL properties are becoming so expensive. Penang is even higher priced since it is just an island.’  I told her if she really like to retire in Ipoh, … Read moreBuying Ipoh Property for retirement?

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