Sungai Buloh (RRIM) – 20 Tier 1 Developers Announced for RFP

These 20 would be those which were selected for the next round; RFP. This RFP would be used to find a partner in the development of Project MX-1 on a provisional master layout. The whole project would be called Kwasa Damansara township and MX-1 will be its town centre. The 20 are as follows: (in alphabetical … Read moreSungai Buloh (RRIM) – 20 Tier 1 Developers Announced for RFP


Greater KL – Sungai Buloh

I am a firm believer in buying value. In terms of value, I am not talking about buying a property worth RM1 million and earning RM200,000. (20% return) I am more inclined on buying RM200,000 and earning RM60,000 which gives me 30% return. I know, some of you would disagree. That’s great for me too. … Read moreGreater KL – Sungai Buloh

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