HSR KL – Singapore. Yes, it’s finally confirmed.

Someone forwarded the news in Facebook. Yes, according to a report in The Malaysian Reserve, the High Speed Rail (KL – Singapore) has already been approved last Friday. This is a significant news for both Malaysia and Singapore no matter WHICH country is said to benefit more and which would benefit less. Truth is, without … Read moreHSR KL – Singapore. Yes, it’s finally confirmed.


Forest City. GDV down but it’s full steam ahead

Forest City gross development value (GDV) has done down a lot! To recap, this is a 66:34 joint venture between China-based developer Country Garden Holdings Ltd and Johor state government’s subsidiary company, Kumpulan Prasarana Rakyat Johor. It’s GDV has since been revised downwards by 25%. Yet, the total GDV is still a staggering RM450 Billion, down … Read moreForest City. GDV down but it’s full steam ahead

High Speed Rail Terminus – Announcement soon.

The surprising thing about this is that not a lot of medias reported on this. Perhaps they just wanted the actual news and not the anticipation. Or they think Iskandar news are no longer that hot? Whatever the reason may be, it is reported that the Malaysia-Singapore Joint Ministerial Committee for Iskandar Malaysia (JMCIM)  is … Read moreHigh Speed Rail Terminus – Announcement soon.

SIJORI. Haha. What’s this?

Do you know what is SIJORI? I do not, until I read an article written by Sharon Chen of Bloomberg. SIJORI meant Singapore + Johor + Riau. In one sentence, she said that for Singapore to continue to grow, it will need to rely on both Johor (Iskandar) and Riau (Indonesia). These two places will … Read moreSIJORI. Haha. What’s this?

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