Penang property – Balik Pulau vs Batu Kawan (current prices)

Let’s look at current prices first. Current price. If we refer to, we can see typically there are a few prevalent projects which are being published for Batu Kawan and a few projects for Balik Pulau. Projects in Batu Kawan would be Bandar Cassia and Taman Mutiara. Both are landed projects and the price … Read morePenang property – Balik Pulau vs Batu Kawan (current prices)


3% Levy on Penang Property

Personally, I agree to the additional 3% levy. The additional levy would allow the state government to have additional income and may use the surplus for affordable properties in Penang. It is not an easy task to build affordable properties. Land prices has shot up tremendously for many years and in the word of Dato … Read more3% Levy on Penang Property

Rent or Buy – Penang Property

My close friend asked me today. Should she buy a property if she intend to work for only a few years in Penang. I asked her, what’s her rental and she said RM800. It’s not a lot but RM800 x 12 x 5 years = RM48,000.  If I ask you to give RM48,000 away, you … Read moreRent or Buy – Penang Property

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