Affordability and availability in Johor’s ‘Bangsar?’

Everyone thinks highly of Bangsar as a location of choice as well as the type of residents there. Thus, the price has been increasing steadily and is definitely higher than another hotspot, Mont Kiara. Well, have you heard of “Bangsar” in Johor Bahru? According to the managing director of Casa Andaman Sdn Bhd (better known … Read moreAffordability and availability in Johor’s ‘Bangsar?’

Overweight on property sector – buy property stocks now?

Market slowed down. Some developers holding back. Bearish sentiment in the market and everyone is waiting and seeing if they should buy another property. Even foreigners, especially Singaporeans seem to be holding back due to uncertainty. There’s a good news though. RHB has upgraded the Malaysian property sector to overweight and its top picks are … Read moreOverweight on property sector – buy property stocks now?

Recent property outlook opinions by property gurus

So many people have said so many different things. Predictions ranges from frothiness or potential bubble or prices continuing to go up. Recently, the highlight was on the potential for secondary market to start shining after being overshadowed by new launchings since 2010. This coming weekend, I will start sharing some very enlightening and interesting … Read moreRecent property outlook opinions by property gurus

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