Potential 1,000 new PR1MA low cost homes cancelled, new plans?

A few weeks back, I read about Ivory Properties announcing that it has won the rights to redevelop Plaza Rakyat and that the GDV was going to be RM8 Billion. This is indeed a huge project for Ivory Properties which is one of Penang’s very own homegrown developers. I have personally bought one property from them … Read morePotential 1,000 new PR1MA low cost homes cancelled, new plans?


MyHome subsidy scheme

Under a new programme called MyHome, a total of RM300 million would help the middle-class public to purchase low cost homes with reduced price. This scheme is eligible to those who are earning less tan Rm3,000 household income per month. Up to 10,000 units may be eligible for the subsidy this year. Example of how … Read moreMyHome subsidy scheme

Secondary property market, now?

Personally, whenever market slows down, it should be a good time for some bargain hunting. This is especially so when the market has been booming  for many years and if you drive past a lot of condos these days, a lot of it are unoccupied even if owned by someone. If we were to refer … Read moreSecondary property market, now?

What is considered reasonable property price?

There are quite a lot of answers but typically, if the property price is 4-5 times of the typical annual income, then it is considered reasonable. For example, if you earn RM5,000 per month x 12 months = RM60,000. A reasonable property price to you would be RM300,000 at max. Many of my younger friends … Read moreWhat is considered reasonable property price?

First home? Buy Leasehold.

Why do I say so? I give you three reasons.  Affordability. Availability.  Actually.  Huh? Actually?? Haha….  Affordability is because when you compare around,  leasehold properties are almost always cheaper.  Sometimes up to 15% cheaper.  If you are buying your first property, buy something lower than what you can afford.  It helps in your mortgage payments … Read moreFirst home? Buy Leasehold.

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