RTS? ‘Committed to ensure it happens.’

Someone debated with me about RTS’s benefits versus cost. Here’s my view, earlier. The debate ended with the person saying that RTS will most probably not happen. Something along the lines of ‘relationship.’ Anyway, I believe RTS will happen. It has to happen yeah. Anyway, what’s the latest update? Before everyone starts saying that the … Read moreRTS? ‘Committed to ensure it happens.’


Giving back the land (free). RTS should start (asap).

I just checked. The first time I wrote about Rail Transit System (RTS) JB – SG was in this article: Iskandar and Rail Transit System way back in 2013. 🙂 My views then and my views today remained the same. RTS is a catalyst and it will be much more beneficial to JB compared to … Read moreGiving back the land (free). RTS should start (asap).

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