95% of all property launches sold – Singapore

We read about slowdown in transactions. We also read about oversupply of high end properties. We have read about potential property bubble. Imagine my surprise when I read a report in by LTC (NS) Mohamed Ismail the CEO of P&N Holdings. It was announced that over 95% of new launching in November in Singapore was … Read more95% of all property launches sold – Singapore


New project launches in 2014 – what may happen?

With the whole Malaysia property transactions going down except for Iskandar as at November 2013, what may happen to the new launches next year? I read comments by DTZ Nawawi Tie Leung executive director Brian Koh in The Star. He said, ‘Developers are likely to launch less projects, downgrade specifications, reduce sizing, squeeze on construction costs, and … Read moreNew project launches in 2014 – what may happen?

Renovation gets higher returns?

Recently, a friend said that she does not mind buying a house with little renovations because if she were to renovate it would probably be just the kitchen anyway. This brought me back to what I am looking for when I look for properties. If it is for my own stay, the renovation MUST meet … Read moreRenovation gets higher returns?

Protect your wealth, always

Nearly forgotten about this very important step that everyone must have no matter how successful you are in the corporate world or how rich you are from property investment. Protect your wealth from sudden annihilation. There are many circumstances out of our control, that is for sure. However, if we are responsible, we must and … Read moreProtect your wealth, always

Secondary property market, now?

Personally, whenever market slows down, it should be a good time for some bargain hunting. This is especially so when the market has been booming  for many years and if you drive past a lot of condos these days, a lot of it are unoccupied even if owned by someone. If we were to refer … Read moreSecondary property market, now?

Gen-Y and property

A close friend just complained to me about the Gen-Y in her companies. Always complaining non-stop. Always not satisfied of anything and everything. Thinking the company should follow what they think. Come to think of it, I quite agree. A lot of these Gen-Ys are really ‘unbearable’. However, today let me tell you about 3 … Read moreGen-Y and property

Predictions on property bubble burst date

It may happen within the next few months or it may happen in a few years.  If it does not happen within 2 years,  it will happen within five years.  If it does not happen within five years it will happen someday.  Familiar? Property investment experts / analysts, property related NGOs, your cash rich friends … Read morePredictions on property bubble burst date

First home? Buy Leasehold.

Why do I say so? I give you three reasons.  Affordability. Availability.  Actually.  Huh? Actually?? Haha….  Affordability is because when you compare around,  leasehold properties are almost always cheaper.  Sometimes up to 15% cheaper.  If you are buying your first property, buy something lower than what you can afford.  It helps in your mortgage payments … Read moreFirst home? Buy Leasehold.

Property Investment? You better have TIME.

It’s true. There are people who may never find property investment as attractive. Imagine the share market. Today, if you need to trade shares, you can do it online, at the comfort of your home with just mouse clicks. There is no need to do the following if you intend to invest in property. Time: … Read moreProperty Investment? You better have TIME.

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