Penang property price cheaper today?

‘The price of property is cheaper today than six months later’. This was the answer from REHDA Penang President, Dato Jerry Chan when he was asked if the prices are going down since the total market transactions are going down. He went on to explain that low interest rate is the factor why property prices … Read morePenang property price cheaper today?


Penang property – why I like Sungai Ara

Many years ago, when I was chatting with a fellow Toastmaster friend and he learnt that I was buying in Sungai Ara, he said I should have gotten a property in Bayan Baru instead. This is because Sungai Ara was not accessible and jammed all the time due to the bottleneck at the Relau and … Read morePenang property – why I like Sungai Ara

Penang properties – Tanjung Tokong

I stayed for a few years in Tanjung Bungah when I was still working in Menara Boustead ( formerly PSCI). I stayed in Leader Garden. In fact that was the very first time I stayed in a condo because before that, I used to rent a room along the huge houses in Barrack Road. I … Read morePenang properties – Tanjung Tokong

‘Syndicates’ in auctions

Within a day of publishing the auction articles, the views hit close to 200. A few asked about this question. ‘Syndicates in auctions’. I posed this to Mr Stephen soon,  the Chairman of Penang Auctioneers Association and he smiled as he replied me. A write up of his reply and some additional notes from me. … Read more‘Syndicates’ in auctions

Penang Properties the bright spot in uncertainty

I read in The Star that RHB Research is bullish about Penang properties. It gave two reasons, the opening of the new Penang Bridge as well as the potential of many good news. Actually, I do not think the second bridge would suddenly bring up prices within 2014. It is definitely a good thing but … Read morePenang Properties the bright spot in uncertainty

Buy Penang or Iskandar first?

I think if you ask a Penangite, they would most probably tell you, buy Penang. Iskandar is just a piece of empty land 2.5 times the size of Singapore. If you ask a Johorean, they may tell you that they have only begun to believe that Iskandar might just work but to buy in Penang … Read moreBuy Penang or Iskandar first?

Secondary property market, now?

Personally, whenever market slows down, it should be a good time for some bargain hunting. This is especially so when the market has been booming  for many years and if you drive past a lot of condos these days, a lot of it are unoccupied even if owned by someone. If we were to refer … Read moreSecondary property market, now?

Butterworth property is BETTER WORTH.

Nearly everyone of my friends said they wanted to stay inside Penang island. No wonderlah the prices are going up a lot. However do you know that there is another place everyone can also consider? In fact it meets majority of what people tell me except for reasons such as ‘all my friends are in … Read moreButterworth property is BETTER WORTH.

Why you should visit property fairs

My friend said the property market is going to crash soon. His friend’s friend said so. The developers said that prices cannot come down and it has to go up due to costs. If that is true why there were so many complaints when DIBS scheme was cancelled by BNM. My agent friends said that … Read moreWhy you should visit property fairs

Penang property (condo) – Buyer’s market today

My friend asked me if she should wait for the market prices to drop further. She was buying her first property, for her own stay. I told her, I seriously think currently you have the upperhand. The total transactions has gone down so much that I think some sellers may be pressured when they read … Read morePenang property (condo) – Buyer’s market today

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