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Kuala Lumpur / Selangor Props

Property Market Malaysia: Prices across all states. Which is highest and lowest?

Property market Malaysia. There is little doubt really. The highest property price would have to be WP Kuala Lumpur as it is small and it has the world’s tallest twin towers building; Petronas Twin Towers. Every home which is nearby (within walking distance) and everyone with a spectacular view of the Petronas Twin Towers would have priced in the extra exclusivity into the property price.

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Property investment? Risky mortgages are increasing. Why?

Risky Mortgage is risky to buyers. To all property buyers, please do not try to submit fake information just to get the loan approved yeah. If we do not qualify, we do not qualify. Period. Buy something cheaper. There’s plenty of them. it does not even need to be from the developer. There’s also the sub-sale property market too. Last but not least, take a look at the auction market too.

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Airbnb Malaysia: Restart your engine and it’s 60 percent millennials. Cool!

It’s not been an easy time for anyone who’s doing short-term rental. Demand does exist but no one could travel for vacation means not many needed accommodation. Thus, it may now be the time that everyone involved in the short-term rental could heave a sigh of relief. More demand will be coming very soon. This is where hosts for Airbnb can ‘restart their engine(s).’

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When rental increase is 5 percent every year. Who is happy?

I wrote this article one week ago. Rental increase of not more than 5% okay? I think some may still think that they can easily pay the extra 5% every year lah. Their increment of 5% per year is more than the rental lah. By the way, they are right. Take a look at a simple calculation yeah. Rental increase will always be smaller than the salary increment in terms of amount.

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